So as I’m sitting here wondering what the fuck to do with my life, it still seems that I’m in a good place. My name is Way and I’m 1/2 of a urban innitiative to clean up the internet called illRoots.com. I’m from the East Coast, Maryland to be exact. As you would expect I’m representing the the DMV, but a part that really has no voice yet, that being the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Where I’m from its Nascar country, open fields, and several hard-working yet still diminishing middle class families.

Okay enough about the past. To all those who think that you need to own a computer to make yourself known on the internet, your wrong. I’ve never really owned a computer my whole life, and still don’t actually. Yet for some odd reason I help run a site that is extremely popular in the online community. Although I tackle the thought everyday of the contrast and comparisons of the digital world to the actual world, I feel like I have a nice balance. If you are an artist that is looking for buzz online, let me far warn you, YOU STILL HAVE TO HUSTLE IN THE REAL WORLD. While the internet is a great tool I find myself going out to shows and only seeing a handful of these rappers that hit me up online. While I assure you I sit through and read every email, it gets rather monotonous hearing about such great online reviews on your material and then your live show is like watching paint dry. Now that I’m done ranting onto the talent. Being that I run across so much talent that just sits in my inbox I have to make known people who I feel will dynamically change the world in the next 6 months. Here is a few:

Mike Maven – While working with my great friend 6th Sense, he put me onto this guy Mike Maven. At first you hear some slower songs and hear instantly a John Mayer comparison or even classic country stuff. Then you hear his more Hip-Hop and Pop type tracks and I get a sense that he can flip flop from just about any lane that he wants, combine this with the musical stylings of the next great producer to hit your ipod in 6th Sense and you’ve got a hit.

Phil Nash – We put out this guys tape with the incomparable Mick Boogie and just the overall lyrical prowess is reminiscent of the rhyme schemes of Rakim. You add his work with the legendary Jazzy Jeff and its almost a no brainer. As I move forward you will notice that each artist I mention has both talent and a team behind him/her.

Freebass808 – I first met Suede and Juice back at the iStandard jumpoff in New York, I would pull people to this dope little cut away and interview them, from Esso to Torae, and then I interviewed Freebass. Needless to say the combination of the beats that Juice makes and the smooth flow of Suede, you are almost hypnotized into putting this thing on repeat everytime.

Carter – So present day, I’m out in Cali after a trip to Hawaii (shouts to the whole island of Oahu) and as I’m coming to the West Coast for the first time to start this management company with my partner in crime James Banuelos. He shows me some of this guy Carter’s music. I’ve been kind of familiar with his work from the Hundreds but it gets much deeper. If you want to compare anyone to be the Bun B of our time I’m betting my money on this guy. Within the next few months you will see why.

Quest – This guy is a regular on illRoots now and Jermaine Dupri recently chose him over several rappers to win the Tag Survival of the Freshest contest. This kid is beyond talented, I’ve gone from a doubter to believer and now I see the hype. He is from Miami but he has a lyrical sense and stage presence that I purely love.

Pro’Verb – Pro is a close friend but he’s made significant strides in the past year to get his name to more prevalent online. The DMV is saturated full of talent but depth and lyrics as well as off the top, I don’t see anyone better in the DC Area.

So thats just a few people that I seem to have grown fond of in the past few months, as well over at illRoots we are a family. Once your in, your in. The one thing that I see online is that people simply do a one and done with an artist. I try to embrace a solid number of artists and help them build their brand as much as possible. So currently I”m in LA making a dream a reality and pushing my friends into the limelight.




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