Which Way is Up !?!?! Nevermind, that I’m fresh of a few beers and ill Kush. I’m really tryna figure shit out. That’s the current mindstate of the kid right now. I’m usually on some “We gon make it shit” word to Jadakiss. Currently though, shit just aint what it seem. To say shit was all good just week ago is an understatement. I guess it’s really just a testament of the love hate relationship with not just NYC but Life and “The Hustle” as a whole.

I love Life, The Hustle and NYC along with everything that they all offer. Hate them sometimes because with all three, you are constantly reminded about never getting complacement or comfortable. Which don’t get me wrong is a good thing to constantly get reminded of. Life, “The Hustle” and NYC are one in the same. No? I mean you can look at new job, opportunity, relationship or whatever as getting put on wit a new connect/hustle if you will. Once shit is finalized and you in your new situation its like counting your stacks up and going to see papi. You’ve arrived, your in the game, you made it. Shit is great, you hit the streets wit your new “product” and its all love.

You feelin’ yourself and the “streets” is feelin’ you! So you continue to “re-up” and do what you what do. But then what? What happens when things between you and the “connect” start getting shaky? The ticket on the product went up and you gotta make more wit less if you will. I’ll tell you what the fuck you do. You hustle that much harder! Not to sound cliché but you gotta hustle that much harder! Mad kids talk about that shit but only a chosen few really get it in like that.

This is what separates everybody at the end of the day in Life, “The Hustle” and NYC. This joint is the epitome of survival of the fittest and that’s why I love this fucking place. You can sit around and pop shit and bottles about how this year is yours (how many kids said that this new year?) yada, yada, yada. But the reality of it all is, if you don’t “Hustle” not only in Life but in this city, even if you live in West Bubblefuck USA, your ASS is out. Gotta stay on your shit. This is just a reminder for not only myself but to others. Stay on your shit and don’t ever think Life b.k.a. “the Hustle” a.k.a New York City is sweet. If you do, to take a page outta Craig Mack’s book, “You wont be around next year.!” Words from the Ruffian. Peace



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