‘Persistence Overcomes Resistance.’

So I see Saint runnin’ the streets twice in the last month, and BOTH times he asked me about my “Words from..” entry. The 2nd time was at ILL Party at The Delancey. I was hosting and to make a long story short I promised him the my entry before the end of the weak. Being an ABSOLUTE man of my word I got to writing and thought about my favorite topic…


There are a HUNDRED reasons NOT to do something. People will find an excuse to take the blame OFF of themselves for ANYTHING. “I’m too tired, its too cold, its too late…” etc..etc. We’re ALL Human, and we ALL do it. We like to put the blame on things like Luck, Fate & Destiny, which are three things that DO NOT exist, but are subject to matters of ones own opinion. Me personally, I don’t believe in the aforementioned and Its in my own personal opinion that they make a person lazy. Lets take for example a person who is planning on losing weight. Do you think Luck, will be the reason he/she loses or doesn’t lose the intended weight goal? Or is it one’s hard work, their determination, their desire, and their commitment to losing the weight that will be the integral roles in this particular situation? Lets take a look at another example. A person loses a $100 bill, it fell out of their pocket/wallet/purse. They would rather blame “Bad Luck” than to hold themselves accountable or blame their carelessness for that lost $100 . On the flipside, the person who finds that $100 is considered “Lucky”? NO they looked on the floor at the right time, and right place, perfect timing if you will. A man makes his own luck.

My point is this. If you TRULY want something, go and get it. Its as simple as that. Success, why do you think Russell Simmons, Kevin Liles and countless others have written books on it? Because it is EASY. People think there is some science to success when essentially, it lies within YOU to become successful. The motivational books and speakers are around to A) possibly guide you if you are confused in what area of life you would like to be a success in and B) to get YOUR MONEY!! Like I mentioned, people LOVE to make excuses for their laziness, but ANYTHING can be accomplished as long as you are determined, focused and, PERSISTENT. The formula is simple, Think about what you want to attain/accomplish, and then put all your efforts into making it happen. If you quit for whatever reason, than you didn’t want it bad enough, plain and simple.

I am crystal clear on my purpose in life. It involves uplifting the Hip Hop culture, uplifting our community, and giving back to a life that I’ve gained so much from, but “I realize I cant help the poor if I’m one of them…” So until then, I’m focused on 1 thing at a time, and right now, I’ve got dollar signs in my eyes. Think of a Puerto Rican P. Diddy (with a conscience). I’m a BORN LEADER, walk with me…

Word to the Tattoo across my back…

“From one point to another, a mans reach should exceed his grasp…”

Shout out to the Whole GFC, My dude Mickey, Congrats my dude..MAD EXCITED for you..Steve-O How come we never met yet??..Saint You got this fam.

KingPin Kel



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