Once upon a time…

Damn I use to love stories that started like that, “Once upon a time there was a Princess named (insert name here)

Greetings! What the fuck do people say in their first entry? Where do I even begin… Thanks thick eye brows aka Steve for letting me lay down and place all my thoughts out here for the world to see.

Let me introduce myself. That female you see right above is I. My name is Kathy. Some of you might know me and some of you may not. You might be one of the thousand(s) of my friends on my myspace page. Some might know me as the “Asian girl” who worked at Bape or saw me running around with the Lemar & Dauley crew. *side note: Miss you guys!* If you’re still lost or clueless… oh well. You’ll find out soon enough.

I remember the days when my parents told me, “Kathy, stop trying to be older then what you are because one day you’re going to wish you were a kid again.” At that time, I thought it was a bull shit. Who doesn’t want to be older? When you’re old you don’t have to listen to your parents or teachers. But it wasn’t until recently that I believed in their advice. If I can turn back the hands of time I would be a kid again. I remember the days when I use to play dodge ball, jump rope & play booty tag. While sipping on Capri Sun and 50 cent sodas. Life was so much easier back then wasn’t it?

Graduation is in May and I feel a lot of stress coming my way. Grad school? Full time job? A new place to live? My answer: YES to all of the choices above. Everyone keeps telling me to wait and stop planning so far ahead. You know what I say? “FUCK YOU and mind YOURS!” I can’t be comfortable with living for tomorrow if I do not know how to prepare for tomorrow. I feel like all of these decisions will map out my life or at least a good few years of my life post college.

But on a lighter note, I love Crumbs Bakery and I have a craving for Pad Thai from Sea. I know cupcakes and Pad Thai don’t “go together” but hey that what I want. Crumbs is so addicting. For anyone who hasn’t tried their famous cupcakes please do so. My favorite one is on 8th & Broadway. Whatever you do, do not go to the Crumbs down by Wall Street their cupcakes taste a big box of old flour.

oh yeah PS. I know I don’t like typing in full sentences. This isn’t a college paper.



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