I guess this is where it starts… just keep writing and something along the lines of genius will just come across the screen something buried deep in my subconscious that I never knew I had inside of me. Something like the world and the earth are not exactly the same things. The earth is the planet itself with its geographical locations I suppose, and the world well we cant really say there is just one world can we?? The earth is filled with various worlds: my world, his world, her would, and their world. We are individuals with our own worlds, each nonpareil and never the same, living amongst each other.. and even if our worlds overlap its only for that moment because at the end of the day we are each in our own world, in our own thoughts.

Something like that…

Maybe I should keep writing, maybe then ill drop some more words… something about how when you have walked on egg shells all your life, you eventually learn to walk with caution everywhere among everyone… and you start to apologize habitually, and you become aware of others feelings and esteems before your own and in that same aspect apologize again even when it wasn’t your place to apologize. with that being said you realize  that others take your kindness for weakness. I am an Aquarius so by nature I strive to be independent. Though I have the support of my world, I count on myself and im finally starting to fly over the egg shells rather than walk. Learning that in the end all I have is me and I am the only one who knows what makes me happy. Walking on egg shells wasn’t the life for me, so im finally making a change to that, Some how they will always be there so by learning to fly im never an inconvenience to those who laid them there.. im just finding another path for myself.


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