The “It’s Late and I Need a Grub Edition”
January 30, 2009

Shit is beyond crazy these days. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and the strife some people are feeling due to the economy. Fuck. My heart goes out to any and everyone that reads this and knows of or is directly affected by this recession…nah…depression. I got enough shit one my cerebral. For one, I just got off of an hour and a half long conference call that began at 11pm EST. I’m working on a huge initiative involving the Graffiti Research Lab and my day gig, The Ebeling Group…All I can really say is that I am involved in producing/marketing a project that involves physical disabilites and graffiti. It’s mind blowing to say the least and if even one person benefits from my hard work, then I’m satisfied.

While I was on the call I was thinking about the love people put into the shit that they do. You can’t buy passion yo. You just can’t. It’s like when you get a waiter or waitress that does everything right from the time you sit your happy-to-eat ass in the seat. He or she doesn’t miss a beat to the point where you can feel that they love what they do. It’s palpable. Passion fills a room like a Dilla track – it’s warm, bouncing and vibrant and there’s a melody to passion that just moves rhythmically across all those that come in contact with a truly passionate muthafucka. I respect all those who get down for their crowns at all costs and don’t act like a dick while doing so.

Hmmm…let me see what else is on my mind. Yo fuck Twitter. Actually no, fuck people who run to the internet to talk shit about someone else and refuse to speak directly to them about whatever issue(s) they might have. How lame is that? STOP acting like you’re on top of the fuckin’ world and realize that you’re just as much a mess as the next person. Here is some Innanet speak for ya silly ass…GTFOHWYBA. If you didn’t do what you did for a living you’d simply be known as “so and so’s roommate.” Play your part and stop abusing your status in the game. Thank you, Management. Fuck outta here.

What next? Mel shot a pic I need for my new apartment…The Black Thought joint in the smoke-filled room, while he’s on stage. I need that image in hi-res, my nig. It’ll look gravy on one of my new walls in the crib.

The Lakers are about to be back in the Chip Round in ’09 and they have the best team in basketball from player 1-8. Speaking of the NBA, Jameer Nelson is a reserve in the All-Star game this year! Shout out to PA. Good shit. The Eagles…damn…damn…DAMN! On some Florida Evans shit. Those gotdamned Eagles!!!!

I might need to get a new cell phone carrier. Anyone know how to get a dude out of a contract, let me know real quick. I’m wit Flea Mobile. ‘Nuff said.

I’m still salty that The Wire is over. That shit was so layered, so gritty. I will say that True Blood is on point and for all those hating on it, just wait ‘til a sex scene comes on. You gonna grip ya girl up EARLY. Oh and the storyline is righteous too.

I’m sick right now and I hope I don’t hurl on the train in the morning. Shit I hope I don’t hurl now looking at Chris Webbers ugly ass suit.

On that note I really need to take my ass to sleep but I’m about to work on this treatment.




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