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So.. while jamming to a song my dear friend Jade and I are working on.. a couple of us started talking about how great CDs used to be.. going to get one from the record store.. putting it in the cd player, looking at the insert, reading the lyrics, taping the bonus poster to your locker.. bedroom wall.. or where ever you taped shit up at. The whole experience was banannas.. but somewhere down the line people started clowning the CD. Music stores closed, album sales tanked, everyone put their faith in the online music supermarket…. Personally im so smitten by my childhood, i havent gotten over the fact that certain things are over. Rap city, Tower Records, the fact MTV doesnt play a Video anymore… and most importantly holding the music i bought and being able to collect it.. so i can stunt on niggas with my overzealous music collection. Now i gotta put my ipod on shuffle at someone elses crib to put kids on game, or i gottta open my laptop up everywhere i go. I remember when kids i went to high school with would have CD folders the size of dictionaries.. the shit would be in alphabetical order, the cover art would be on the front of every disk, and if you took something out, you had to put it back or get delt with. I miss the days where we would own the music we bought….. i mean.. thats if you buy music (not hating if you dont) some shit is just weak and you want to hear it .. just to see how weak it is. I feel you.. trust me.

I’m not writing this to bitch.. that was just the prequel to the sequal (sorry Martin… i had to borrow that)
I just want to know whats next.. who will develop the new “CD” the new musical format. what do you want to buy from the stores from your favorite band or…are you satisfied with what you have?

For the record, I love all you guys.. we appreciate the support more than you know.. We are 92% done with “When Fish Ride Bicycles”and it sounds like silver back gorillas playing full contact beach volleyball. (yeah.. forreal)
right now we are working on “Gone Fishing” the pre record with Don Cannon
AND! plotting, planning, and putting togther a super tour with The Cool Kids and “friends” (not gonna speak on the details yet) .. but your favorite rappers new favorite rapper might have signed on to be apart of the livest event since the Olympics.. word to Mike Phelps (keep ur head up cuz..)

The Cool Kids





I haven’t been blogging because i have been making some decisions about my life….

I’ve decided to quit djin.
I’ve moved to New York for good.
I will be taking 1 year off from Fashion.
I will be dedicating this year to photography and art.

…. That’s it.

if you could climb inside my head and swim in my sea thoughts then you will understand why i have made these decisions…

But you can’t and only i alone know why things have to change.

I will continue to write on my blog as it’s something i enjoy. (plus the amount of e-mail complaints about my absence was ridiculous!)

So please take a seat, put your feet up and watch the rollercoaster that one would call…




Phobia, as defined as Merriam-Webster, is an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation.  My BIGGEST phobia?  Failure.  I can feel at home at night, alone, in a graveyard.  I can stare a clown in its face.  I can stomach standing at ridiculous heights, even though I’d rather not.  But I can do it, because it isn’t a phobia.  But failure is a completely different story.
The mere thought of failure keeps me up at night.  Stressing.  Sweating.  Sick.  Scared.  Shaking.  I know I sound like a strung-out fiend, but in a sense, I am.  The only thing is, my drug is my accomplishments.  Only they can fight of my phobia, and keep it at bay for another day.  Like all other fiends, my dosage needs to increase over time.  My craving grows to gigantic proportions, and become difficult to quell.  So, its on to bigger + better accomplishments.  And there lies the problem.  What is the next thing?  What is going to keep me from being a failure?  I’m starting to feel queasy again….



Once upon a time…

Damn I use to love stories that started like that, “Once upon a time there was a Princess named (insert name here)

Greetings! What the fuck do people say in their first entry? Where do I even begin… Thanks thick eye brows aka Steve for letting me lay down and place all my thoughts out here for the world to see.

Let me introduce myself. That female you see right above is I. My name is Kathy. Some of you might know me and some of you may not. You might be one of the thousand(s) of my friends on my myspace page. Some might know me as the “Asian girl” who worked at Bape or saw me running around with the Lemar & Dauley crew. *side note: Miss you guys!* If you’re still lost or clueless… oh well. You’ll find out soon enough.

I remember the days when my parents told me, “Kathy, stop trying to be older then what you are because one day you’re going to wish you were a kid again.” At that time, I thought it was a bull shit. Who doesn’t want to be older? When you’re old you don’t have to listen to your parents or teachers. But it wasn’t until recently that I believed in their advice. If I can turn back the hands of time I would be a kid again. I remember the days when I use to play dodge ball, jump rope & play booty tag. While sipping on Capri Sun and 50 cent sodas. Life was so much easier back then wasn’t it?

Graduation is in May and I feel a lot of stress coming my way. Grad school? Full time job? A new place to live? My answer: YES to all of the choices above. Everyone keeps telling me to wait and stop planning so far ahead. You know what I say? “FUCK YOU and mind YOURS!” I can’t be comfortable with living for tomorrow if I do not know how to prepare for tomorrow. I feel like all of these decisions will map out my life or at least a good few years of my life post college.

But on a lighter note, I love Crumbs Bakery and I have a craving for Pad Thai from Sea. I know cupcakes and Pad Thai don’t “go together” but hey that what I want. Crumbs is so addicting. For anyone who hasn’t tried their famous cupcakes please do so. My favorite one is on 8th & Broadway. Whatever you do, do not go to the Crumbs down by Wall Street their cupcakes taste a big box of old flour.

oh yeah PS. I know I don’t like typing in full sentences. This isn’t a college paper.



Which Way is Up !?!?! Nevermind, that I’m fresh of a few beers and ill Kush. I’m really tryna figure shit out. That’s the current mindstate of the kid right now. I’m usually on some “We gon make it shit” word to Jadakiss. Currently though, shit just aint what it seem. To say shit was all good just week ago is an understatement. I guess it’s really just a testament of the love hate relationship with not just NYC but Life and “The Hustle” as a whole.

I love Life, The Hustle and NYC along with everything that they all offer. Hate them sometimes because with all three, you are constantly reminded about never getting complacement or comfortable. Which don’t get me wrong is a good thing to constantly get reminded of. Life, “The Hustle” and NYC are one in the same. No? I mean you can look at new job, opportunity, relationship or whatever as getting put on wit a new connect/hustle if you will. Once shit is finalized and you in your new situation its like counting your stacks up and going to see papi. You’ve arrived, your in the game, you made it. Shit is great, you hit the streets wit your new “product” and its all love.

You feelin’ yourself and the “streets” is feelin’ you! So you continue to “re-up” and do what you what do. But then what? What happens when things between you and the “connect” start getting shaky? The ticket on the product went up and you gotta make more wit less if you will. I’ll tell you what the fuck you do. You hustle that much harder! Not to sound cliché but you gotta hustle that much harder! Mad kids talk about that shit but only a chosen few really get it in like that.

This is what separates everybody at the end of the day in Life, “The Hustle” and NYC. This joint is the epitome of survival of the fittest and that’s why I love this fucking place. You can sit around and pop shit and bottles about how this year is yours (how many kids said that this new year?) yada, yada, yada. But the reality of it all is, if you don’t “Hustle” not only in Life but in this city, even if you live in West Bubblefuck USA, your ASS is out. Gotta stay on your shit. This is just a reminder for not only myself but to others. Stay on your shit and don’t ever think Life b.k.a. “the Hustle” a.k.a New York City is sweet. If you do, to take a page outta Craig Mack’s book, “You wont be around next year.!” Words from the Ruffian. Peace



The “It’s Late and I Need a Grub Edition”
January 30, 2009

Shit is beyond crazy these days. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and the strife some people are feeling due to the economy. Fuck. My heart goes out to any and everyone that reads this and knows of or is directly affected by this recession…nah…depression. I got enough shit one my cerebral. For one, I just got off of an hour and a half long conference call that began at 11pm EST. I’m working on a huge initiative involving the Graffiti Research Lab and my day gig, The Ebeling Group…All I can really say is that I am involved in producing/marketing a project that involves physical disabilites and graffiti. It’s mind blowing to say the least and if even one person benefits from my hard work, then I’m satisfied.

While I was on the call I was thinking about the love people put into the shit that they do. You can’t buy passion yo. You just can’t. It’s like when you get a waiter or waitress that does everything right from the time you sit your happy-to-eat ass in the seat. He or she doesn’t miss a beat to the point where you can feel that they love what they do. It’s palpable. Passion fills a room like a Dilla track – it’s warm, bouncing and vibrant and there’s a melody to passion that just moves rhythmically across all those that come in contact with a truly passionate muthafucka. I respect all those who get down for their crowns at all costs and don’t act like a dick while doing so.

Hmmm…let me see what else is on my mind. Yo fuck Twitter. Actually no, fuck people who run to the internet to talk shit about someone else and refuse to speak directly to them about whatever issue(s) they might have. How lame is that? STOP acting like you’re on top of the fuckin’ world and realize that you’re just as much a mess as the next person. Here is some Innanet speak for ya silly ass…GTFOHWYBA. If you didn’t do what you did for a living you’d simply be known as “so and so’s roommate.” Play your part and stop abusing your status in the game. Thank you, Management. Fuck outta here.

What next? Mel shot a pic I need for my new apartment…The Black Thought joint in the smoke-filled room, while he’s on stage. I need that image in hi-res, my nig. It’ll look gravy on one of my new walls in the crib.

The Lakers are about to be back in the Chip Round in ’09 and they have the best team in basketball from player 1-8. Speaking of the NBA, Jameer Nelson is a reserve in the All-Star game this year! Shout out to PA. Good shit. The Eagles…damn…damn…DAMN! On some Florida Evans shit. Those gotdamned Eagles!!!!

I might need to get a new cell phone carrier. Anyone know how to get a dude out of a contract, let me know real quick. I’m wit Flea Mobile. ‘Nuff said.

I’m still salty that The Wire is over. That shit was so layered, so gritty. I will say that True Blood is on point and for all those hating on it, just wait ‘til a sex scene comes on. You gonna grip ya girl up EARLY. Oh and the storyline is righteous too.

I’m sick right now and I hope I don’t hurl on the train in the morning. Shit I hope I don’t hurl now looking at Chris Webbers ugly ass suit.

On that note I really need to take my ass to sleep but I’m about to work on this treatment.




I guess this is where it starts… just keep writing and something along the lines of genius will just come across the screen something buried deep in my subconscious that I never knew I had inside of me. Something like the world and the earth are not exactly the same things. The earth is the planet itself with its geographical locations I suppose, and the world well we cant really say there is just one world can we?? The earth is filled with various worlds: my world, his world, her would, and their world. We are individuals with our own worlds, each nonpareil and never the same, living amongst each other.. and even if our worlds overlap its only for that moment because at the end of the day we are each in our own world, in our own thoughts.

Something like that…

Maybe I should keep writing, maybe then ill drop some more words… something about how when you have walked on egg shells all your life, you eventually learn to walk with caution everywhere among everyone… and you start to apologize habitually, and you become aware of others feelings and esteems before your own and in that same aspect apologize again even when it wasn’t your place to apologize. with that being said you realize  that others take your kindness for weakness. I am an Aquarius so by nature I strive to be independent. Though I have the support of my world, I count on myself and im finally starting to fly over the egg shells rather than walk. Learning that in the end all I have is me and I am the only one who knows what makes me happy. Walking on egg shells wasn’t the life for me, so im finally making a change to that, Some how they will always be there so by learning to fly im never an inconvenience to those who laid them there.. im just finding another path for myself.