The first and also last thing i want to do is reflect on things, weather it be the past present or all of our future. Sometimes i look in the mirror for ten minutes straight. Not because Im cocky, but because sometimes the reflection from the mirror will tell me more then ill ever tell myself. my reflection tells me if im mad, if im happy, if im feeling good, if im doing well, do i have money, am i broke, what i did last night, and sometimes what i wanna do. Almost a week ago i reflected on this past year as anyone would do coming into the new year. too many questions came to mind for me to write them all down. I wonder what kind of reflection i give off to people when they meet me? What happens on that first day you take a woman out, what kind of reflection do you give off? Did you over-dress, did you under-dress, is my cologne good enough? when i speak to people of a different race what kind of reflection do they get from me? Damn these reflections.

These reflections tell me more then i ever will. I just hope when you catch someone’s reflection or when they catch your’s they get the right reflection.




  1. 1 a-list January 7, 2009 at 2:06 am

    this is beautiful.. i wish your reflection the best

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