I’m like a nigga. Your favorite nigga.
A real classy nigga too!

“(She) likes them niggas that get down for they crew/(that shows loyalty)/That means you’d ride for me too…
I smoke weed and write love songs for the broken and the torn/Only cuz I know wat it’s like to be scorned/Bet I can fix u up like you’ve never been worn/Quit making silly moves as if you’ve never been warned.”

-current thoughts:
I can’t believe all this shit that’s happening right now. The
magazine thing is really taking off, & I’ve learned the art of how not to be super
emotional, and I’ve changed alot of my ways.
I am actually proud to say that I’m a changed woman, like, 93% to be
exact (LOL)

I just need to start managing my money better
then everything would be swell, all good, perfect(almost), bueno.
Moreless, just the way I preferably like it…

Oh, and btw. This I-phone 3G bullshit ain’t nothing to go crazy over either.
The whole hype about the touch screen features, and how fast the connections are suppose to be, and this thing and
that thing..
Cmon, i cant even send a simple picture message, you know, like an MMS. I have to send an entire email
just to send a random picture with “Hey” in the subject : \
Look, the truth is…. I would throw this shit off of a
building, and watch it hit the ground and break into ity bity pieces
(damn, that was harsh)
But I’m not taking it back, so let’s just move on..
One thing I WILL say is that it does have an awesome camera phone,
the shit almost shoots just as good as my Canon XT(the champ)

I dont know, but I’ve been really checking out the Papi’s lately
Yea, sometimes that Dominican shit shoots outta me, but ive always thought hispanic men were very attractive.
Like Panamanians and Cubans, Costa Ricans, with that dark complexion like that, oh goodness!

Right now it’s 12:47pm, Tues Dec 30th, 2008
For the New Years I just wanna continue to progress. That’s not too
much to ask for, right?

I’ve been endulging in some real deep, righteous convos with
some real ass people.
I think it’s crucial to delicately pick the people u keep around you,
like, I don’t even think people really understand the importance of it

Like, for instance: a dude that has bad luck with women, always trys
to influence his crew with negative shit.
But a dude won’t even realize that the company he keeps is indeed a relection of himself & dismember the
negative energy outta his circle, cuz he figures “that’s my mans yo, he’s just chillen”
Yea, aight
(now he scratching his head wondering why he now has bad luck with
women too)
It goes both ways tho. I know a few chicks that be on that “male bashing” shit
I pay them no mind at all tho, there are too many respectable “Take home to mommy”dudes running
around out here, it dont even make sense.
It be the dudes right up under us that have the most potential too!

Listen to a wise woman when she’s talking to you, lol

So I try to keep my circle filled, not completely to the top, maybe
halfway to the top, with people that are aware, never unaware (get it)

-LOL, I remember saying that same line to MelDCole(Dope ass
Photographer) the other day, I think it was his first time
watching American History X.
You know, the movie with the skin heads.

But yea, Lastnite at Sway was poppin’
Despite the youngin’s that sneak they way in and be shaking they
little tailfeathers all nite, then stinking and shit cuz they’re not old
enough to keep tabs on their hygiene(Ouch)
Yea, and other than someone farting and assuming it was amusing to
just walk past me (fart after fart)
and other than me spilling a few glasses of wine on myself from getting elbowed by hyper party
goers cuz it was so packed inside of the “Arabian Nights” themed venue..

Yeap, Sway was definitely the place to be lastnite!

My homie Jasmine Solano is so adorable when she spins, King
Mustafa(Melo X) be on his Brooklyn shit. Hard. Roxy had on this dope
ass fitted cap with some gold plated shit in the front, and then a
energy struck performance by Mickey Factz & Theophilus London!
Yea, I have some pretty cool friends!

What’s even better is that me and the executive team for The New
Magazine Publication iam proud to say iam apart of, and working crazy hard on: Boys+Clothes Magazine.
Yea, we’re strategically putting together ideas for our launch event for January 09′
And I don’t give a fuck, I said this yesterday, and imma say it again…
A Big super duper Thank You goes out to Chris Rock for supporting us
and helping sponsor our Launch Event.
And Hearst http://www.hearst.com (They stand behind Harpers Bazzar, and all that Oprah shit) for even putting an ounce
of a thought into backing us up with this Editorial Project.
Thanx to everyone who’s participating too. It’s an interesting journey, isn’t it?

It would be even more interesting if i can quit my fucking job, become a “Full Time Photographer and Study Film Abroad”
Yea, that’ll be sweeet ❤

I have to admit that it’s been a rocky year…
Alot of shit just been shaky. Unexplainably shaky, if I might add.
The only thing missing from these chain of events is an actual
Earthquake, Geez!

However, in contrary to that, as we’ve been approaching this turnover
in evolution, I’ve been morphing into this… (I don’t even know wat) but
I just know that I don’t like the things that I once liked before, like for instance: early 2008,
i remember not being able to start my day without a Green Tea in the morning,
and now I’d rather sip on a Peppermint or Ginger Root Tea w/honey these days.
I also have new interests and concerns.
I mean, I move totally different now (cant you tell) & I’m getting use to a new way of manuvering,
and it feels damn good : )

I also just got the hook up on Air fare
Ahaha- 300 bucks, round trip anytime!
(I think between my thighs are getting warm)
Just the thought of being able to travel at anytime gets my juices going!


But yall gonna have to pardon me for the moment.
I’m at the hair salon, and Im done under the dryer.
Time to let the Dominican Mami’s do they thing!!

Peace to the God’s and the Earth

I’ll catch up with yall in a few..

Cee ❤



  1. 1 charles hamilton(not the rapper) January 5, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    wow, you are santastic!!! your going places with this kinda stuff!

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