“The heavens often rain down the richest gifts on human beings, naturally, but sometimes with lavish abundance bestow upon a single individual beauty, grace and ability, so that, whatever he does, every action is so divine that he distances all other men, and clearly displays how his genius is the gift of God and not an acquirement of human art.”—–Giorgio Vasari

Sooo….. Its 4:07 AM eastern time….I just mashed out 2 tracks, and had an argument with shorty because I’m not spending enough time with her…. smh. This is my life dude….. Long studio nights and flights, I don’t club… I don’t party… I don’t just roll around in various cities shopping and shit… I’d actually rather just order online anyway…..

*(BBC and Ashbury team whaddupp)…But, I’M HERE… in the studio… every other day…until one of these labels realizes what’s going on and puts up a milli , a milli , a milli… lol. We’ve been working really hard though… and there is nothing like that feeling of “hard work”… you know that feeling when your tired as fuck, but it all feels so good because…well… there is nothing like hard work, and all hard work is, is self discipline. Once you grasp that, the worlds yours I swear.. I thank God everyday for the talent I posses and the elite circle of people I’m around. Of course dreams take time to build and attain, but I’m patient…Yes, I do feel like I’m better than a lot of people that are in my age tier, but I have to. I don’t want that statement to sound brash or hubristic. It’s just honesty… well… on my planet it is. lol. But it’s been said before; it’s all about who you know… So I’m sitting here, building the catalog, making contacts, and giving an infinite amount of thought on the blueprint of Leonardo.Chop, and the takeover brought to you by the Wealth Club of 2009…

P DiZzZy… A.K…. I love ya’ll niggaz like brothers. You are my brothers…

“We don’t get bitter… We just get better” * I stole that line from Drake…lol

Someone who I truly esteem by the way…

To any and everyone who helped me to get to this level… I can’t say thank you enough. I love you all. This is only the first rung on the ladder. Thanks to any and everyone who actually took time to read this.

Thank you- Thank you- Thank you! This is Leonardo.Chop. Be prepared for what’s about to take place…. Blessings



4 Responses to “WORDS FROM L.C.- MY ATTITUDE”

  1. 3 DEF Dan December 28, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    I had to search for ya myspace homie. Your plugs not working. But, you’ll make it man. Keep trusting in God and staying focused. You’ve got the talent. Just stay persistent bro. I look forward to more of you.

    Peace and love…

  2. 4 Richard Brea December 29, 2008 at 6:12 am

    nice words from entry my dude. u dont party or club? im glad im not the only one that feels that way. and ordering online? thats wassup. lol. i feel the same way 2. copping shit online is sometimes better than going to stores. and ur welcome. i definitely enjoyed reading ur entry.

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