Im genuinely a nice dude until u piss me off..i hate corny people who swear they cool cuz they finally discovered the whole skinny jeans and small tee look that shit is so old i dont accept that cuz u jus runnin wit my style shit i been doin a LOOOOONG!! time so cut it out…I like playin video games preferably NBA2K9 and Grand Theft Auto IV yea im a big kid..LOL…cant stand bitches that wear weave and hella make up its a turn off and i will talk about u in ur face yes im very blunt with my words…all tho girls do love me but alot say im a asshole but hey I DONT CARE!!! im jus bein honest this how i been all my life …I play basketball alot in my spare time use to be on the team in highschoo i will neva part with it…Sports center is like my favorite show i need to kno wats goin on wit sports at all times ….Im a upcoming rap artist heavy on my grind BACK FOR THE FIRST TIME MIXTAPE COMING SOON!! so look out for that around Feburary im jus speakin the truth in my flows talkin about all aspects in life shit everybody can relate to.. WEALTH CLUB is the team 09 lets get it!!! ..thats pretty much all i have to say jus givin u the insight on my life and how i see life ..and like i said in the beginning genuinely im a nice guy …Like my nigga P.dizzzy said at least were being honest…LOL 😉




  1. 1 Chris December 25, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    Good shit my dude im feelin ya style

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