Who, me? For the first and last time: [Swizz Beatz] it’s me, bitches! [/Swizz Beatz]. Not no webmaster. Not no assistant. Not no slave paid $2ph. Just me. If you’re looking for some benson-ran space, visit my music page: http://www.myspace.com/pdiZzZy My name is Patrick, Some of yall Know me as P DiZzZy. I very much appreciate a chance 2 b heard (thanks Steveo) I’m Not rich, I don’t have No deal, and My life isn’t Perfect. Pictures on a Myspace is Only Images that people see Which means Nothing. So don’t get fooled by the image I put up on myspace cuz I’m from the hood jus like everyone! I’m From Brooklyn Crown heights. Presidnet of Fly Society east, ya prolly seen me with Pharrell n all but I been on my OWN MIND! I try 2 make music and everyday I learn something new, I wish 2 better myself and express that 2 yall thru my music. One thing I can’t stand is Fake People, only fuck with you cuz of who you are, like kanye said. GET USED TO BEING USED- TO MOST PEOPLE, THE SAYING, “TO USE SOMEONE” CARRIES A NEGATIVE CONNOTATION, BUT I DON’T SEE IT THAT WAY. TO “MIS”, “OVER” OR “AB” USE SOMEONE IS NEGATIVE. TO USE IS NECESSARY AND IF YOU CAN’T BE USED… THEN YOU’RE USELESS. Keep the circle tight and don’t take bullshit from no one. -Music I’m not an A&R. I ain’t got time to sit on MySpace all day and give you feedback on your tunes. I don’t wanna buy your beats. I ain’t gonna get you a deal. Log off MySpace, shut down your computer and take your ass outside into the big world. It seems like everyone wants everything handed to them on a plate. Work for it! -“Models” …and I use that term loosely. Every second girl on MySpace claims to be one. Naaaaaaaah! Paying a photographer to take your pictures does not make you a model. The majority of you “eye candy” chicks ain’t nothing more than “eye sores” Girls Gone Wild C’mon. You late 80s babies, I’m talking to you. You 15, year old girls need to stop. My name ain’t R.Kelly (shit, did I say that out loud?) Regardless of how all the above may sound, I am a genuinely nice

Regardless of how all the above may sound, I am a genuinely nice dude. (I swear!) & Look on the bright side, at least I’m honest

P diZzZy


1 Response to “WORDS FROM P DIZZZY- WHO ME?”

  1. 1 Todd December 23, 2008 at 12:29 am

    lol dope Shit. Do ya thang youngn

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