Conversation With Steve-O

Steve-O: yo
Steve-O: have you seen wordsfrom
Vlad: Fuck You Muthafucka I’m Partyin’…
Vlad: Blog That Shit!!!…
Steve-O: Ok…3 o’clock you bought your fuckin’ ass a beat down GFC Style pussy…

LOL…Ok Maybe the conversation didn’t go that way but as a comedian I tend to re-route a thought to see how funny it can be to ME & see how a comedic skit would develop…. I had a show the other night and I feel like I bombed something awful. It was at the Laugh Lounge. Everyone said I did great but I guess me being a perfectionist I didn’t like the show. This is the second time I have come to this feeling where I wanted to pause this comedy/acting thing & just get more degrees but I think of Jimmy on College Dropout so I keep moving forward.. The last show this woman was like “GET THE FUCK OFF THE STAGE, YOU AIN’T FUNNY MUTHAFUCKA”.. That tore me apart but I thought to myself “This Is The Worst Church I Ever Been Too”..LOL. So instead of being Jimmy I think of Bernie Mac…He said “Every Comedian Bombs”.. That makes me feel a lot better cause I figure if it can get that bad it can only get better. With that said I bring my thoughts Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. He said he knew all those performers before Major Fame. Like they all hung out together or went to eachothers events before they got real money. So now that brings me to this question. Are We The New Chosen Few?.. Are we the new Actors, Comedians, Rappers, Singers, Models, Designers, Journalist, A&R’s, Stylists, Photographers, etc…. We’ll See.. That brings another thought… Castro’s rooftop photoshoot about 4 a lot of these people were there……Mr. Brown (Steve-O) & I wore the same L&D Biggie Hoodie. Same color and all. I choked the shit out that fucker… Kwazz jumped in and I had to wrinkle his threads too…(silver rhinestone beads flyin’ everywhere).. LMAO!!!! Ok that didn’t happen either… Just my mind again. Vladimir Bartholemew Thelonious Raputent Slocumb Calixte III is out this motherfucker ::drops the mic::…Yeah my real name.. Google It…



  1. 1 Holley Monelle December 15, 2008 at 3:32 am

    Lmao, you’re funny on paper – that’s for sure. Dope entry. Only time will tell if any of us are the new chosen few. Keep doin’ your thing Vlad, it only gets better.

    P.S – I’m mad I really Googled that shit.

  2. 2 KwinSie Em December 15, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    LOL, that “Worst Church” line was classic! And, yeah I googled it too! But being a thirst-bucket wouldn’t be a fair assessment since we’re in the age of the GOOGLE TRIGGER FINGER! Mine? A rapid reflex. Anyway Keep on.

  3. 3 Vlad December 15, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    Thanks Peoples…I Just Googled Myself Too…Actually Nothing Came Up But It’s Cause The Press Spelled Some Of My Names Wrong But If You Care.. CHECK IT


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