This weather is a tease. Not even a good tease (if there is a such thing). The temperature has went from 32 to 65 to 19 degrees all in a matter of 5 days. Mother nature is temperamental and we just have to deal but it takes a toll on me. I take note from the Grizzlies and go into hibernation mode during the winter months. “Days are shorter, nights are colder” type of mentality from October right up until April-ish. I guess it’s a good thing. I tend to get a lot of things in order around this time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on the grind 24/7 ya-da ya-da ya-da but there are less distractions for me during the winter months, more time for reflection. More time for balance. More time for…time. Oddly enough, all of this newly acquired time almost always manages to get soaked up by something/s other than myself. Does that even make sense? How do I have time for time but no time for self? I guess that’s why my salvation lies in the warm sunny months of the spring and summer. THAT’S my time. I also guess that’s why it feels like the shortest season, when in reality it’s the longest and winter is the shortest (or so I read somewhere) Go figure. Whatever the case, according to the calendar and the icy pavement, my time for time is right on time. Confused? Don’t be. Just know, Grind Mode: ON. Why shouldn’t it be? I mean MY time is coming, then again, it’s already here.

Miss Shay
“I play the crib when it’s mink weather”



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