What can you do these days to separate yourself from the masses? When everyone is doing the same thing. When everyone is fresh. When everyone has swagger. When everyone is getting money, and every rapper is different.

There’s no originality, they say, but who are you to say that a person isn’t being original? They say, just be yourself, but how do you now know that person isn’t being their true self? I’ve realized that no matter what you do, you will be placed in a box. You will be compared and categorized.

My conclusion: everything is cliché. Yes, everything. As an up and coming artist myself, I feel that if I rap about being fresh, street wear and the like I’ll be considered a hipster. If I rap about the struggles of the hood: I’m a regular street rapper. If I say something positive, I’m a backpacker. Can I be all of these things? I hope so.

I love clothes, I follow the Hype beast. I live in, what some people would consider the hood. So, naturally my perspective reflects that. I’ve also lived in a suburb which exposed me to the skateboard culture and a more diverse array of music.

The best of both worlds. Your upbringing and your current lifestyle all influence your style, your sense of self. It did for me. I have had the best of both. This is me. So, when I drop my music and am asked: What style is it? I’ll say everything. I am everything.



  1. 1 MoShadee December 14, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    Thanks for letting me share my words. Much appreciation.

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