Ight, so this is how it goes, I feel like NYC is getting the best of me, I look around and I see my hustle, see my grind, and then I look and ask why am I not there yet?…. Now that I have been attending church faithful I’m starting to get the answers I need. My time is coming soon, and I have a direction to follow…so I keep my head up, and make sure others around me do the same. But now is my time to reflect on life, so I’m in hibernation…. I’m falling back from a lot, jus to make sure I’m taking the right steps without any distractions, taking a few flights here and there jus to get my mind right. I have a love/hate relationship with NYC, but I can’t let it go jus yet. But I will come out and do it big soon, when the time is right, now I jus need to chill and drink my green tea and honey, and eat my cooked meals, not to much take-out, and work out. And maybe a few tats?…lol just a few, but when I look around and see my other brothers and sisters hustling the same, it makes me feel good, but I’m staying in hibernation for a few months…I put the 2 week notice in at plantation and now I’m just gonna get money how I get it…… Grinding. I will see yall soon, like really soon, I may peak out from time to time, but for now,  I just have to chill and iron some shit out! Take a step back to come back stronger. Feel me…

“If u have one idea, then u don’t have one at all”



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