My life has been a complilation of stages, lessons, changes, twists and turns. Growing comfortable with that has just happened over the last few years. I have learned how to welcome change, looking forward to it like Christmas Day. You see, I am a Virgo: the organized, the planned, the making lists and checking them twice always on time kind of girl. I create plans A thru E, just in case. So to sit back and relax was a challenge, until I started to grow up.

Life is like love – you give of yourself so freely and unendingly in both, not knowing what the end results might be. But you take a chance, because not knowing is the most exciting part. I have stumbled on some of the best opportunities, not knowing that there lay a path for me down those roads. I’ve learned lessons from the most unexpected people, not knowing that they possessed the nuggets of knowledge I needed for my next moves. I’ve been through some painful, uncomfortable, “if there is a God how could this be happening” type situations, not knowing that those situations would make me the strongest.

People ask me what my life plans are, what’s next? I used to be embarassed, not knowing all those answers. Now I embrace the uncertainty – it has taken me so far to just trust myself, rely on my talents and continue to be open to new experiences and opportunities. I instead rely on what I DO know: I possess all the tools to get what and where I want, and I live in an abundant universe exploding with opportunities for me to seize the day.

You may be grindin, hustlin and working your ass off toward your goals and dreams, not knowing where you may end up. But keep at it – the uncertain is beautiful and rewarding. One of my favorite Chinese proverbs says “The journey is the reward.” And though the journey is uncertain, make sure you have yourself a good ass time.




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