When you have a life long dream it always seems so perfect in your mind – so effortless and polished, but when the dream is over and reality sets in you realize there is a lot of work involved in becoming what you wanted since birth. Throughout history drive has always beaten out talent, talent will only get you but so far, and once you get to a place you’ve been seeing over and over again – what will take you over the perpetual “hump?” That’s what I’m dealing with now, I’m at that place where I desire so much more and I know I am going to get it but how?

Watching the artists that have come out before me has given me a slight advantage that I would be stupid not to capitalize on. It’s like ok I can use that tactic he used with my own twist to it, ok I won’t do that because that really didn’t work for him and so forth.

It’s just a matter of executing in a timely manner and applying it to fit you and your brand. I have been blessed with a team that for one believes I’m the biggest artist in the universe and more than anything a team that thrives off pressure and being told “you can’t”. They said we couldn’t JUST GET on radio, we had a joint added! They said we couldn’t get JUST GET on network television, we filmed with numerous channels numerous times!!! All while staying humble and appreciating the people that have given us the opportunities. Everybody from the bloggers that post the music to the people that download it. To be honest the “hump” doesn’t seem to hard to get over I just hope the talent doesn’t get over looked in the process.

Harlem’s Cash im “On My Way To HARLEMwood”



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