today dec 9th. im sitting here in my make shift office editing my new video. ” streets is talking” and its going good.. im looking at some stuff i filmed of a dude smoking crack while i skated at this spot in LA.and listening to some songs to put over this part of the video…but what was on my mind the whole time was this fucking asshole who cut me off in traffic earlier in the day.. i hated him… i wish i could have filmed me showing him my middle finger and some words i wrote on a piece of paper while i sat behind him at the red light that read “your driving sucks” and another that just read ” TERROR”. if youve been in my car you know how it gets – but now its back to editing.. well there you have it what was on my mind .. today dec 9th 2008

Ian Reid



  1. 1 kris January 1, 2009 at 8:41 pm

    You have the best videos ever.

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