Letter from SHIT IDK..

They say Hardworks pays off…man I believe that..but when?? I worked hard for everything and what do I have to show?? All I can see is a well written and accomplished resume. Do I have A well endowed bank account? NO!!! My own crib? NO!!! But hey those are the material things in this world and I should not be complaining…From living in the shadow of 2 basketball players (my Brothers..one of which is Top 5 in the Nation) I am finally finding my own life, and its a Great feeling..

But My name is Jason Rembert and I am a Stylist, but some people knows me as one of the Designers of Kid Of The Curb Clothing or oh yea being Aiesha’s bestfriend =D But yeah Fashion is my life. Its not mainly just the labels or the models 😉 I value the arts that fashion Presents. Just 10 months ago I was a struggling Designer waiting for my big break, and now I am a respected Stylist who is giving people who look up to me opportunities. No one ever gave me an opportunity and it feels so right to give someone a chance. I worked for numerous magazines, celebrities, designers, etc. and you know what I am most happiest when I’m working on a Spec shoot with a New Face from a Top Agency. I feel that I can help define their look.

I’ve been asking myself why is it so hard to get a Girl? Or the right Girl? One girl told me “TIME”.  I tried that, and I gave shorty more time. I found out she was cheating.. Another girl said, “BREAD”. So I took shorty to a nice restaurant, and gave her a gift. The next week she came to me with all her bills, talking about she gotta send her ex boyfriend who is locked up bread…lmao. IDK that dude…SMH… So what is the real reason???

Oh yea if anyone… I mean anyone needs advice on Fashion hit me up @ Myspace.com/JasonRembert cause I’m tired of seeing girls in Uggs, Leggins, Prada and Gucci sneakers, True Religions, Monclers, and Asolos..there is other shit out there…I mean cmon everyone wants to be fly…but everyone can’t afford the labels…if you can’t there are alternative ways to get it besides spending ur whole check, stealing it, or using fake credit cards to get it..you reap what you sew as my trini mom who loves to cook would say..  But hey that’s another story.. Stay LEGAL and don’t be a FRONTER cause you can get exposed at any time..

The funniest thing about this is that I’m taking a SHIT while I’m writing this…SHOWER TIME lmao



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