01:27:35 PM

There’s a lot on my mind and I haven’t let out a breath in awhile. I promise not to ramble…but what are words? Sorry folks, I don’t think words mean much, and I don’t hold anyone to theirs…but yet I am submitting mine so maybe it means something.

01:34:59 PM

So I am out here scrambling on the hustle and whatnot. Doing OK nowadays however who knows how long that will last. 2009 is looking promising, but also ever so risky. I am responsible for so much…I wish there were 2 more of me….but then they’d have to get paid so scratch that. The pressure is intense and there are so many people to trust, and so many who trust me. Maybe it’ll turn me into a diamond…as I was promised. Sean Paul says that promises are a comfort to a fool, and I agree. We’ll see what really goes down as it is now reality check time…so who’s words hold weight?

01:40:13 PM

I’m trying to dodge the cracks of this recession and get my life back together, however things are more challenging and the stakes are much higher now than they ever were. Much love to all my friends and family for being my safety net, when you all said you’d be there you weren’t lying…so those words meant a lot.


01:49:22 PM

I got a new woman in my life and she’s extraordinary. She makes me feel like there is way more to life than whatever I’m doing at any given time. Could she be the one? Eh, take it day by day…those words can wait for later.

01:49:53 PM

Now is the time to make dreams real and to fulfill potential. I am the only one who can determine what the future holds. The word “success” is so elusive, and yet so complex. I say these words…”fuck it”. The goal is in mind. The path is clear. The foundation is coming together. Rent is due. Car payment is coming. Fridge is empty. I got 2 words…Let’s go.




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