Well I’m new 2 the bloggin so I  figure i’d loggin drop some gems from the noggin. Loll.. The names Lloyd and I reside in queens born and raised. My fam from jamaica thou.. I’m  the  1st generation american. I’v been blessed enough to never have a job my entire life…  until now. I was offer a position at a department store and in these days who’s in the position 2 turn down money. Well I start sat so wish me luck. But as far as liiving, I’ve been modeling most my life… Had a damn good run to!. I’ve been signed 2 Ford models in Ny for 11 years. Usually after that comes “Dammnnn that’s madd long, But you couldn’t touch the money right?” WRONG!  It was all good.. Trust me. But with th good comes the bad so recently its been hard with ford holding back from mens. So I decided to look work elsewere. I can’t live w the fact that I once had it and now I don’t. Someone even had the AUDACITY… the guts to be so dauntless to call me a CHILD STAR!!! I swear when I heard that I almost crashed the hoop ride. I mean shit kinda true maybe that’s why it was hard to take in. I sat on my bed in the room and stared @ my wall.. Its covered w countless magazine ads from my handsome days.. Loll.. The glory days. Kinda depressed me a little but…. Imma Gee so i’ll be iight. They say easy come easy go, aint hard to believe now. Let me tell you how it started. It was summer 98.. yeaaaa back when I had the see-thru  wind breakers w the af1’s that had the matching bubble checks,    when hilfigure was the shit, and the sport goggles on lean Lmao!. I was @ Rye Play Land w my summer camp. While on line for the water bumper cars I stood all wierd lookin w my mustard stains from hot dogs on my shirt and cotten candy residue on my finger tips. I got approached by a man and women of the lovely caucazoid race loll asking me for my info (#, age, address, name). I’m 10 so I give.. I got in trouble for it later but turns out those 2 ppl were from dockers. They wanted to try campaign w me and asked to take a few test shots w me. Suprisingly they liked me opposed to competion.. Some Zack Morris look alikes. Well Ford seen the pix from the dockers campaign, requested to see me, and offered me a contract. Needless to say they been down for 11 yrs. Think w the new change in office its time for a change in my team. So now is were it gets interesting. But since my batt dieing on my phone, I’ll find another time. Till then scrubs.. Stay down!!



  1. 1 aiesha December 8, 2008 at 4:02 am

    Lol I love u lloyd. And when I called you a child star I didn’t mean in a negative way. You accomplished more than any teenager I know!! You was travelling all over the freaking world while I was taking regents exams. But regardless of the title, you’re an amazing model and you’re gonna be a STAR at an age…you’re still a scrub tho scrub. Lmao.

  2. 2 Brittany December 10, 2008 at 2:53 am

    Hi lloyd its brittany jasons friend.. But that’s pretty damn funny you should have used your child star hands and smacked the shit out of their adult face and told them to recognize. Okay ByEeee

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