So the point of this is to write whatever is on my mind. My mind is usually crowded with the why’s and why nots. I’m a pretty positive person but truthfully its hard to stay positive in such a negative society. All this week I’ve been watching Congress grill the CEO’s of Chrysler, GM, and Ford. These three CEO’s sit up and talk as if laying off thousands of people will make things better for their company. Being from Detroit, this news is devastating because my family and friends are deeply rooted within the car industry. If you go from making 45,000 a year to making $400 a week from unemployment benefits, how the fuck are you suppose to survive? Yet, you have these companies about to fold and the fucking CEO’s are flying to congressional meetings in G4 private jets? While he’s flying the skies in private jets, I have an auntie thats been laid off and can’t afford to pay $800 mortgage payment on her house. It’s backwards, and should be illegal. George Bush should be locked up as well, allowing one of the strongest economies in the world to go to shambles, and fall behind countries like Japan, he should face the death penalty.

Living in New York City, and being in the music industry, people are usually blind to the catastrophic results of these companies on the brink of folding. Like I said, being from Detroit, this issue has direct effect on me and my family. Literally, almost every company in Detroit is co-related to the auto industry. Whether its Detroit Diesel, or DTE these companies will see major job losses and many people will resort to other methods to making money. Detroit is known for its crime, and murders but I can almost promise that things will only get worse if these companies can’t get their shit together. Because that 25 year old black man working in that plant gets laid off, and he’s making the little money that you get from unemployment and he has a 4 year old daughter that needs daycare, 3 meals a day, and a trip to “Toys are us” every now and then, he’s going to need more money. Which often leads to selling a dime bag here and there, then a couple of ounces, then some pounds….then he gets robbed, shot and killed. Now you have a 4 year old with no daddy, and no sense of what it means to have a male influence in her life. She grows up and becomes dependent upon other guys. You see how all this shit can come full circle?

Besides the ramblings above, other things wear on my mind like…meeting a good girl. Who the fuck dubbed NYC the city of love? There are 8 million people in this city and I have yet to meet a girl who wants the same thing. I always say that I will meet that chick and she’s going to be somewhere I’m not (i.e. LA, Detroit, etc). It’s just the way shit is and the story of my life lol. I was having a interesting convo with my boy and my homegirl over drinks in BK. They dated for a while and things just somehow feel apart but they remain cool. And I asked why things feel apart….neither one gave me a solid answer. Then I asked do they still like each other (on some Dr. Phil shit) and they both answered “YES”. So I said, what the fuck? Y’all just going to pass this shit up? You don’t know where that shit could have went if you both just put some effort into it. There is no such thing as “Bad timing” or “Being too busy for a girl” it just means that you don’t really like that person and those are bullshit excuses. I know

While I was in Alabama visiting family over the Thanksgiving holiday…I thought about all this music shit and it was relaxing to get away from the hustle and bustle of NYC. I really thought about all these places I hang out at and some of the people I run across and meet through my occupation don’t mean nothing. I was in Alabama doing shit that not alot of people can appreciate. My uncle, who’s a Vietnam vet, had an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle. I’m not a gun enthusiast by any means, but I had to let off a couple rounds because thats just what you’re suppose to do when you go to Alabama. I also went fishing, rallyed up cows, and brought back a half of gallon of Moonshine (300 proof alcohol) back to NYC. Doing all this stuff, its in my blood, I grew up around uncles that sold moonshine, shot guns, and fished for their food. If you really want to get to know me, you have to go to Detroit and go to Alabama do all the things mentioned above. Because the same way I go to these parties in NYC is the same way I go to the whole in the wall strip club, where there’s at least 4 people in the joint with guns, on Joy Rd in Detroit. And the same way I go to a open bar Tequila party in Manhattan is the same way I go in the country in Alabama and shoot guns, fish, and scare the cows. I am a country boy at heart…and I don’t that that will change. It’s in my blood.

Ryan Hobbs



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