Wednesday, december 3rd, 2008
I’m at work right now just chilling in the parking lot. I got like 10 minutes before I start but I have to blog and get this shit off my chest/mind. Like yo damn. I don’t know. So I’m talking to this girl now. Like we r dating and she knows we r dating and that doesn’t mean we will necessarily go out. I said I wasn’t gonna say I’m talking to anyone cuz the only part of my life I like to keep private but I can’t help it. I have to blog and get this shit out. But yeah its fucking crazy yo. When I’m single I’m lonely as fuck and when I’m talking to a girl I just wanna be single. Like yo that shit is crazy man. Its not even annoying. It just upsets me man. Like I can’t keep hurting girls like this. Getting their hopes up for shit u know. Like I think what I need to do is take a break from girls for ahwile and just do me and deal with the feeling of loneliness u know. And I mean a real break. Not a break where I date a girl at the start of next year. And u ever heard someone say,”its not you, its me.”Well,that’s how I feel. This girl is fine. She’s nice. She gives me space. Its not her. Its none of the girls I’ve dated or talked to this year. Its fucking me man. And I’m not even sad or mad right now. I’m just tired of hurting these girls. Like I’m a nice guy so they fall for me just as fast as I fall for them so that’s what sucks about being a nice guy. Girls like guys like that. I’m not complaining but when I don’t know what the fuck I want and these issues come up it does kinda suck. I’m chilling with my boy ariel tomorrow and ill talk to him about it but I’m gonna have to talk to the girl I’m talking to later tonight and mention this to her. I don’t know. It sucks u know. But yeah luckily I got a bnlackberry again so I can blog whenever and wherever the fuck I want so now I’m gonna go to work calm with this shit on my mind but not weighing as heavily. Thanks for reading. Peace.

ps check out my full blogs on my myspace page. my page is public. thanks.



  1. 1 Simone Carlene December 8, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    Loneliness & boredom is a vicious cycle. & That cycle is one of the main reasons people don’t stay together for long. & The concept of forever is often compared to a prison sentence. I’d rather be “locked” in forever than to waste my time looking for everlasting in people who say they want someone special, but only understand temporary. Truthful. Loved it.

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