Beyonce said it best in the song “Upgrade”. It’s like the Bible…millions of people are exposed to it, yet only a few can comprehend the message. If you listen to the song, absorb the lyrics and give it a little thought you’ll discover that a woman with that particular mindset is absolutely what all men dream of. The kind of woman that’s serves as perfect compliment to a man through all of life’s situations. It’s about style, it’s about finesse, it’s about intelligence, it’s about focus and most of all it’s about holding hands with absolute quality. Finding someone that will stand by us on both the “Weekday” and the “Weekend” sides of our world is hard enough for us guys, but if we are fortunate enough to find that kind of potential…………we don’t want the girl to settle for always being “Just Potential”.

So I call Beyonce the “Female Barack” because Barack Obama personifies what all people should aspire to be: humble, smart, funny and a great force overall. Beyonce (as a brand) represents what guys want their shorty to be: Beautiful, versitile, down-to-earth, articulate, ambitious, smooth, stylish, charismatic, valuable, talented in her own way and willing to stand by her man and raise his stock through her own inner greatness.

Off the brain sayings:
Dating should be deep yet simple. Fun and action-packed like tennis….not tense and full of strategy like chess.

A good dude is like Dove lotion: If you got something good on your hands, don’t do them dirty just because you got more in the bottle. (Haha…)

Women, be humble and cool when it comes to dating. Don’t act like a Superstar if you’re your only fan.

Aight I’m done.

-CMorganW Out.

There’s a particular swag “B” symobolizes that alot of women fail to detect. Don’t get me wrong I understand she’s a regular person put in an extraordinary cirmumstance, but couldn’t we put Barack Obama in the same



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