I wonder if anyone else knows how good it feels for your parents to accept the career path you’ve chosen. If not, don’t give up.

“Live. Before you Die.” – Me

I wonder who’s reading this. After reading the homie Chad’s (The Operator Group) entry on here I was inspired.
I wonder if the people reading this have any clue who the fuck I am. More than likely they don’t, which is fine. I prefer the behind the scenes approach to the limelight…like company executives who make all the money, set the foundation for greatness, but don’t mind if they don’t get all the credit or any at all. Long as my bank statements show my success, I’m straight. Shit, long as my niggas around me shining, I’m straight.

That basically comes with the territory of being an “artist manager.”

I wonder if people know how strong my team is.
I wonder how long it will be before my nigga Kim blows off this styling shit. Cuz a lot of thse celebs need help lol.
I wonder if people know that we’ve been moving quietly, under the radar for the past 3 years. Quietly, but still moving.
I wonder if they care. Actually, I don’t…but it’s always nice to seem as though you care, right? For the record, we will be the best, most well-known Talent Label out the South to make something outta nothing. No silver spoons over here. From the ground up J.

I wonder if people REALLY know what it means to be loyal. I wonder if ANYONE in the music industry knows besides us. It seems as though no one gives a shit about being loyal or even possessing values anymore. Sometimes dollars don’t make sense, i.e. rappers with no longevity. Shouts to Mickey for being in the game so long.

I wonder if Coach K is REALLY coming to the studio to watch history be made with Mums FP lol.

I wonder if anyone else thinks Kanye’s album is the best album in a long time. I can honestly say that I’m not pissed about the over-usage of Autotune on the album. Actually, I didn’t even notice on some songs. I can admire anyone not scared to do what-the-fuck they want in their music. Guess that’s what prompted my decision to manage Grip Plyaz. You can’t hate on pure, “fuck what yall think” music.

I wonder why these fuckin blog sites always blog the same shit. Don’t they know B.O.B., T.I., and trap stars aren’t the only artists that live in Atlanta? Shit…FKi from the A and they definitely don’t get enough love. I wonder why it ALWAYS takes for someone to blow in order for their city to get any shine, i.e. Cleveland (my birthplace). No one gave a fuck about Cleveland (with the exception of Bone Thugs) until Kid Cudi. Why is that? Shouts to Janelle Monae, Proton and Hollyweerd for opening doors.

I Guess bloggers and A&Rs don’t have time to search for new talent, smh. I wonder if major labels know they are part of the reason “hip-hop is dead.” I put that in quotes for a reason.

I wonder how people will perceive Siya. I wonder how people will perceive me.

The name is Kei (pronounced Key). Remember it, or don’t. Whatever.
Oh, apologies for all the shameless plugs. You’ll get over it.

Kei[s] Open Doors.
Governed By Loyalty || Guided By Faith


7 Responses to “WORDS FROM KEI- I WONDER”

  1. 1 li / leesh-leesh December 1, 2008 at 11:33 am

    Okay I like this post because 1. I use to work for a blogger and I kept trying to tell her about the Protons, The Hollyweerds, and she’d look at me like yahh yahh yahh, like I’m talking out my ass. I still tell people around me about that music movement in Atlanta and the art movement, the fashion movement, that they have no clue about. They don’t listen, it doesn’t matter, because before they know it, they’ll know. Like I do respect Brian from Concreteloop for posting about Janelle and Proton and other artists, even if the comments don’t get it, who cares.

    AND I LOVE KANYE’s album, its pure art.

    I think a lot of people living in Atlanta, are missing what’s really going on chasing these “trap stars”, this ain’t the only thing here.

    So basically everything that I’ve seen in the 1 year I’ve been here, has inspired me because Atlanta ain’t really want people think it is. and I love it.

  2. 2 the Kidd December 1, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    real shit my nigga! We Shine in ’09


    Governed by loyalty, Guided by faith….

  3. 4 djlissamonet December 2, 2008 at 1:25 am

    im reading history in the making right now.
    amazing words kei.

  4. 5 FADIA KADER December 3, 2008 at 8:53 am

    long way from 3 years ago…
    good stuff..
    greatness to come

  5. 6 crismonay December 4, 2008 at 4:29 am

    i had so much to say when i first read it…
    but im at a lost for words now.

    i guess ill go with the ‘im just showin love’

    but i like this site.

  1. 1 L A V I S H L I F E S O C I A L C L U B + [ G O V E R N E D B Y L O Y A L T Y] » KEI on WordsFrom [add to your GOOGLE READER] Trackback on December 8, 2008 at 12:53 am

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