Working at the day job in advertising and wondering why does it hurt much more to wake up to go to work versus waking up and doing what you truly have a passion for? Living in a city where the “others” infiltrate your neighborhoods and make greedy ass landlords raise rent for no apparent reason. Wondering why I keep getting placed on these advertising accounts and wishing I was getting at least 10% of what their giving the agency. Wondering where the hell have all the good girls gone…a topic we all can relate too, both guys and lesbians. Wondering if Kanye and I went thru similar issues with our significant others for him to produce a heartfelt/heartbreak album? Wishing there was a way to detect all the craziness before telling her your name and finding out about her drama at a later and less convenient time and place. Wondering if Obama will liberate the people from the hellish ways and times we are living in? I wonder if this all makes sense in the end….

Age, Editor in Chief of Limite Magazine.



  1. 1 Queen Dita January 4, 2009 at 8:15 am

    That was really good. I guess being a grown-up just isn’t easy. Once we get to BEING A GROWN-UP….you’re like ummm this kind sucks…can I just go back to no bills and my room back in DAYGO.

    How did our parents do it? When I think of all the things my parents had to endure to raise me and my brothers. I mean…they did not have glamorous jobs. They had grueling jobs. It just truly gets me inspired to strive for a better life than what I had yesterday. After all my parents did for me? I would be an asshole if I didn’t do so.

    Life is about learning how to separate the negative and positive and making the world a better place with whatever it is you are passionate about. And if it means having that shitty 9-5er so that you can pay to make that film or magazine etc..then like NIKE, “JUST DO IT”

    ’cause at the end you are living your life and that’s what its all about.

  2. 2 Pink Popcorn January 4, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    All the good girls are in Jersey, Age..Think about it.

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