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I’m like a nigga. Your favorite nigga.
A real classy nigga too!

“(She) likes them niggas that get down for they crew/(that shows loyalty)/That means you’d ride for me too…
I smoke weed and write love songs for the broken and the torn/Only cuz I know wat it’s like to be scorned/Bet I can fix u up like you’ve never been worn/Quit making silly moves as if you’ve never been warned.”

-current thoughts:
I can’t believe all this shit that’s happening right now. The
magazine thing is really taking off, & I’ve learned the art of how not to be super
emotional, and I’ve changed alot of my ways.
I am actually proud to say that I’m a changed woman, like, 93% to be
exact (LOL)

I just need to start managing my money better
then everything would be swell, all good, perfect(almost), bueno.
Moreless, just the way I preferably like it…

Oh, and btw. This I-phone 3G bullshit ain’t nothing to go crazy over either.
The whole hype about the touch screen features, and how fast the connections are suppose to be, and this thing and
that thing..
Cmon, i cant even send a simple picture message, you know, like an MMS. I have to send an entire email
just to send a random picture with “Hey” in the subject : \
Look, the truth is…. I would throw this shit off of a
building, and watch it hit the ground and break into ity bity pieces
(damn, that was harsh)
But I’m not taking it back, so let’s just move on..
One thing I WILL say is that it does have an awesome camera phone,
the shit almost shoots just as good as my Canon XT(the champ)

I dont know, but I’ve been really checking out the Papi’s lately
Yea, sometimes that Dominican shit shoots outta me, but ive always thought hispanic men were very attractive.
Like Panamanians and Cubans, Costa Ricans, with that dark complexion like that, oh goodness!





Live from Decatur, GA by way of Bronx NY, allow me to introduce myself to you.

I take myself way too seriously.
I probably drink too much. I work way too hard and have too little fun.
I’ll be 28 years old in 11 days.
I’m driven by an insatiable desire to achieve more today than I did yesterday.
I’m incredibly self aware and part of my journey on this planet is to know myself more each day.
I’m an educator and a student; a husband, a son, and a brother.
I was almost a father once but I was too young and wasn’t ready.
I haven’t told too many people about almost being a father. It wasn’t an easy thing to deal with.
My wife is my new best friend.
My old best friend is still my best friend. He’s just the oldest of my best friends.
I’m a mediocre friend at best but I’m also a good listener. Go figure…
I’m very altruistic Monday through Friday between the hours of 5:30am and 7pm.
I’m incredibly selfish every other hour of every other day.
I almost never lose at board games and I’m terrible at most sports.
I love comic books, philosophy, mathematics, and history.
I love cocaine rap, hipster rap, backpack rap, and any other kind of rap you can think of.
I’m into what I’m into.
I’m a walking contradiction.
I am who I am and that changes every day.
Peace. Nice to meet you.

Jovan Miles



“The heavens often rain down the richest gifts on human beings, naturally, but sometimes with lavish abundance bestow upon a single individual beauty, grace and ability, so that, whatever he does, every action is so divine that he distances all other men, and clearly displays how his genius is the gift of God and not an acquirement of human art.”—–Giorgio Vasari

Sooo….. Its 4:07 AM eastern time….I just mashed out 2 tracks, and had an argument with shorty because I’m not spending enough time with her…. smh. This is my life dude….. Long studio nights and flights, I don’t club… I don’t party… I don’t just roll around in various cities shopping and shit… I’d actually rather just order online anyway…..

*(BBC and Ashbury team whaddupp)…But, I’M HERE… in the studio… every other day…until one of these labels realizes what’s going on and puts up a milli , a milli , a milli… lol. We’ve been working really hard though… and there is nothing like that feeling of “hard work”… you know that feeling when your tired as fuck, but it all feels so good because…well… there is nothing like hard work, and all hard work is, is self discipline. Once you grasp that, the worlds yours I swear.. I thank God everyday for the talent I posses and the elite circle of people I’m around. Of course dreams take time to build and attain, but I’m patient…Yes, I do feel like I’m better than a lot of people that are in my age tier, but I have to. I don’t want that statement to sound brash or hubristic. It’s just honesty… well… on my planet it is. lol. But it’s been said before; it’s all about who you know… So I’m sitting here, building the catalog, making contacts, and giving an infinite amount of thought on the blueprint of Leonardo.Chop, and the takeover brought to you by the Wealth Club of 2009…

P DiZzZy… A.K…. I love ya’ll niggaz like brothers. You are my brothers…

“We don’t get bitter… We just get better” * I stole that line from Drake…lol

Someone who I truly esteem by the way…

To any and everyone who helped me to get to this level… I can’t say thank you enough. I love you all. This is only the first rung on the ladder. Thanks to any and everyone who actually took time to read this.

Thank you- Thank you- Thank you! This is Leonardo.Chop. Be prepared for what’s about to take place…. Blessings




Missin Miami…that’s where my family is.. that’s where all of my
friends are. This is the first time I’ve ever been alone for Christmas
and it sucks…but thanks to my roomies Chanel, Cherelle, Jonathon, and
Eric for celebratin Christmas with me before they left…love u guys….



Im genuinely a nice dude until u piss me off..i hate corny people who swear they cool cuz they finally discovered the whole skinny jeans and small tee look that shit is so old i dont accept that cuz u jus runnin wit my style shit i been doin a LOOOOONG!! time so cut it out…I like playin video games preferably NBA2K9 and Grand Theft Auto IV yea im a big kid..LOL…cant stand bitches that wear weave and hella make up its a turn off and i will talk about u in ur face yes im very blunt with my words…all tho girls do love me but alot say im a asshole but hey I DONT CARE!!! im jus bein honest this how i been all my life …I play basketball alot in my spare time use to be on the team in highschoo i will neva part with it…Sports center is like my favorite show i need to kno wats goin on wit sports at all times ….Im a upcoming rap artist heavy on my grind BACK FOR THE FIRST TIME MIXTAPE COMING SOON!! so look out for that around Feburary im jus speakin the truth in my flows talkin about all aspects in life shit everybody can relate to.. WEALTH CLUB is the team 09 lets get it!!! ..thats pretty much all i have to say jus givin u the insight on my life and how i see life ..and like i said in the beginning genuinely im a nice guy …Like my nigga P.dizzzy said at least were being honest…LOL 😉




Well I’m not really into expressing myself to the world

Plus most people can’t relate too my feelings and thoughts anyway unless your a stone cold killer, or an activist of some sort, lol

But I just wanted to do this for my peeps cause they been asking meeh where my words are. So in short I like to say catch meeh around and maybe we can chopitup or maybe I’ll be feeling like I am today and just really don’t have nothing to say.

Salaamz fo

GoinAPe Out Now!



It’s soooo hot here, I just got out of the pool with my little brother and sister…
I’m about go do some shopping around the town, and just relax..
later on, I’ll probably go sit on the beach and have dinner with my family…

Because it’s only the 21st, not many of my friends have made it here yet, so i’ve been laying low, just chillin..
I love it though, sometimes I don’t wanna see anyone but myself anyways.
I’ve been riding around listening to Rich’s mixtape, and the more and more I listen to it, the more and more I love it.

My brothers RICH & Marcus moved to L.A. today! I can’t believe it.. but after I get outta Morehouse, i’ll be right with them! So if your in L.A., and your an artists, and you wanna work with Rich, hit me up! We might be able to get somethin poppin..