Staring at Manhattan from my balcony (Or is that the Bronx?)
And I think…
One-What’s going on in Twitter world?…Technology has always distracted me from the real world …starting with the sims when I was 12, then aim became popular, then xanga had me writing journal entries to total strangers, myspace and facebook–serving pictures and status updates daily, then came the blogs…I can’t picture life without it ,then there’s my blackberry which I’d be sick for days if I lost it, and now Twitter…I might as well be a mute, because who needs a voice when you have 2 thumbs and a couple fingers?

Two-My life right now? Can someone explain it to me please? Lord knows I’m grateful for everything I have and I’m so not complaining cause life has been good to me…Yes, I’ve had my downs but that just makes me appreciate my ups even more…I’ve realized no one is perfect, believe that. I may have the lifestyle I want but there’s so much more to it…there’s so much more to LIFE period and I’m still trying to find that something to complete me… or someone maybe? Don’t know but I’m looking.

Living. will Love one day. Laughing cause life’s too short for the tears…SB.



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