2 months ago, I resigned from my day job. I knew tough financial times were among us. I’d heard the countless news stories about the impending recession. *shrug* I didn’t care. Well, I cared – but not enough to let it affect one of the most important decisions I’d ever make.

I was 24 making close to 60k a year, living on my own, no kids, and no financial worries but despite how things appeared on the surface – I was unhappy as hell. After almost 4 years with my company, it almost pained me to go to work in the morning and I couldn’t get through a day without a migraine. The reality is, sometimes you just outgrow things. Don’t get me wrong, I had two of the most awesome bosses on the planet but I wasn’t passionate about the work I was doing. Growing up, we’re taught that we should get “good jobs” so that we can provide for ourselves and our families. But why kill yourself doing a job you hate when you can make a living doing what you love? So – boom! I decided I’d do just that.

Two years prior, I walked into my college radio station and fell in love. After my first time on air, I knew it was what I’d devote myself to – it was the one thing I could wake up to every morning and never grow tired of. When the time was right, I’d take the chance. And two years later, I would.

After doing months of research, putting together a list of 100+ radio stations across 30+ states that I’d be willing to relocate to and mailing off an aircheck package to each station on the list, I quit my stable job during a recession to pursue a career in radio at a time where the broadcasting industry was at its worst, lol. Honestly – I’ve never been happier. I’ve learned to throw caution to the wind and I believe that you can fly without a safety net; so I’m doing just that. I haven’t landed the position that will catapult my career just yet – but I will.

The most important lesson I’ve learned through this process is that you can have anything thing you want, as long as you want it bad enough and pursue it as if you do.

Never let anyone dictate your steps. It is more than ok to dream; go for yours!

Holley Monelle



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