As I sit and watch sister act 2 and lauren hill starts to sing his eye on a sparrow, I’m taking back to one of the most breath taking experiences of my life. My grandmothers funeral, oxygen was nonexistent and this feeling was all to familiar being that as a child I was a severe asmatic. This woman was my rock, my idol, my mother, my everything and not to mention the most comforting soul but took no bullshit at all. So weird as I sat in this chapel and  heard my fav song from my fav movie at MY GRANDMOTHER’S Funeral! Who the hell chose the song selection??!!  I couldn’t breathe therefore I couldn’t  declare my opposition so I just sat there trying to make sense of it when I couldn’t. I was only 17 she was at least supposed to make it till I was 40 and up, college,marriage, kids. I didn’t even graduate high school yet how is this possible??!! Wtf happened to time,  she was just waking me up so that we could be on our way to Alvin Aliey so I could rehearse for my spring show to Austin Powers theme song. To this day I don’t know how I manage without her. She gave me lessons on ppl that I met yesterday, 7 years ago,how did she know it all? She always told me not to waste time as a woman especially on men.”Never settle if he really loves you he’ll join you not set you back, travel honey than think about it”.Ha! Such a wrong time to tell me that I was 15 and “in love” thinking why is she soo bitter? Now 21 and knowing everything she met in saying that statement and being looked upon just how I looked at her is, too comical. How did it happen this way? Everyday I wish I could just tell her about everything she was right about, but I guess its just like talking to myself bc I am Her. I’m reassured every time I have a conversation with someone and they ask me what is my real age bc I’m too ahead in my time but I just guess I’m 63 at 21. 🙂


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