Why are you trying to make me that way??
I will never have Beyonce’s abs, Alicia’s Hair, or Halle’s smile. But I have what God blessed me with, why can’t you accept it?
I’m tired of being afraid to be different, an individual because of fear of what you may think.

I’m tired to be told that dressing a certain way is hot.
I’m tired of being something that I’m not.
I’m trying to be ME!

Yeah, I’m talking to you society!
So listen to me clearly. I’m gonna keep rocking my bamboo earrings, nikes, and cornrows.
I’m gonna keep listening to “backpacker music”
I’m gonna continue writing to you so you could understand me and other people like me.

So hello society…nice to meet you…I’m me!


1 Response to “WORDS FROM MIMI- I’M ME”

  1. 1 joslyn December 12, 2008 at 5:34 pm

    Its good your yourself & your very positive don’t listen to people they’re all into media! Media is bullshit mhm.

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