blinded within myself. searching for the outside world.
drip.! drop.! splash.!
the world appears to be a hectic place yet theres no movement for me.
neglected by freedom.
alone and left behind.
unexposed of life’s possibilities.
straight. straight. straight.
no curves, turns, or spirals.
plain and blank.
curiousity? yes.
Hopeful? … no…
..no more..
imagination is now just merely a distant fairy tale that lost its meaning.
left behind. unnoticed. unaware. unidentifyable.
clear but blurry.
reachable but far.
visible, but slowly slowly fading.
splash.! drop.! drip.!
deprived from knowledge.
deja vu.
no where but straight straight straight.
no lefts, no rights… wait…never any rights…
where to go? straight of course.
thats the only path for now…
……….or is it?


(i know theres no point in staying this way and complaining to myself why things had to happen the way they did for me. i know that i should just get up and move on and not look back in the past.
i know i shouldnt blame anyone for how i feel.
i know i should be happy and live life to its fullest.
i know i should be myself once again.
i know i shouldnt deny my feelings
i know .. i know.. i know..

yet although i know these things, how come i DONT know what to do to make them happen ?)



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