GOD IS DEAD! These words were uttered by the great Friedrich Nietzsche, a 19th century German philosopher. I do not necessarily agree nor disagree with that statement, doing so would assume, or validate, the existence of the divinity; and it is of my opinion that us mortal are incapable of knowing such knowledge, empirically. So the question becomes, “what is knowledge?” Webster defines knowledge as “an understanding gained by actual experience; and ‘clear perception of the truth.’” By a show of hands, how many people have actually experience God and can explain His significance, or insignificance, in great details; vague generalizations will not suffice. I do not mean to offend anyone if I’ve done so, but instead, I wish to begin a discourse where it is not considered blasphemes to question such alleged knowledge; so to all you hard body religious people out there, please don’t crucify me for being so bold! No pun intended.

Lets assume for a moment one can have knowledge of God. Why is it that He gives us free will, and when we exercise this free will not to believe, we go to hell? Where ever that is. Did we really have free will to begin with? I’m serious, did we? Isn’t free will supposed to be a free and independent choice, by definition? How independent is free will, in this context, if your destination in the afterlife is Dependent on the decision one makes in the current life, seems a bit counter intuitive to me.

Question. Why doesn’t God help people in time of need? Oh yeah, He doesn’t mess with the natural order of things, right? If that’s the case, how come I always here “religious people” say when a natural disaster happens that “that was an act of God?” Really!? So you mean to tell me that Hurricane Katrina was an act of God? Wow!! New Orleans was looking like Noah’s ark and God did that? Pun intended. Oh yeah He did that too. Yet, things like slavery happened, the holocaust happened, genocide throughout Africa has happened and currently happening, and no divine intervention.

Queston. Would you, yes I mean you, have believed in God if you were not socialized into believing in God in the first place; this is a classic case of nature vs. nurture. It is of my opinion that people only believe in religion and God because both were imposed on them as a child, and because we are scared into believing in God.

Lastly, I am Not an Atheist; instead, I am an Agnostic. My arguments to atheists would be the opposite of what I use to the “religious people,” it is impossible for you to know that God does not exist. Believing and knowing are two different things. Most people believe, or not believe, but no one knows for sure, period end of story! One of the only things that belief requires is faith. I have no problems with believers, that is their prerogative. My disagreements lie with people who try to lecture me on knowing.
And Remember, eating apples are not good for you. LOL LMAO

Neo Cosmopolitan



  1. 1 boba123 November 29, 2008 at 5:48 am

    Hi Dean,

    I Know that there is no supreme-being God – check out my new Website – http://www.AssertiveAtheistMoments.com and Blog there on the issue.

    See ya,


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