It was really busy and I was working with this new dude saturday night that has the fluidity of a park statue. “Excuse me Gary!” I shouted out, right before tripping over him, trying to make my way to the other end of the bar. He’s such a weirdo. He has the vocabulary of a 3 year old and habitual eye problem. He’s always starring at me. After first meeting him, he told me he lived on a cruise ship for seven years.

“Oh yea? I knew there was something funny about you. At first I thought you were gay, but now I know you’re just a mermaid” I joked. He didn’t laugh. I had guessed that I didn’t give him the best first impression because he was acting kind of stiff around me. But then Gary went from mannequin to casannova all in the same shift. We were cashing out and he’s was giving me the weirdest looks. So creepy, then he asked me for me number. Yuck. I lied and told him I had a boyfriend and I was in love.

“You need a man, not a likkle bwoy”…so original but I had to disagree.  “I’m not really into voyeurs anyway, but thanks for keeping my options open”.

I left that night feeling a little disgusted and on top of everything he’s my manager now. Great. The last time I felt uneasy at work I was working at a strip club and there was coke and bribery involved. Ever since saturday I’ve been down. I’ve worked about 40hrs in three days because Gaylord is giving me more shifts. Umm thanks Gary.

I come home and everything is all packed away. My dad bought a new house not too far away so now I’m moving in a few weeks. I like how he takes the initiative place my things on the side walk for the garbage man to pick up. I guess when I told him I “didn’t think I’d be taking anything significant with me” he had his own definition of “significant” in mind. I came home two days ago and all my cds, my hs cheerleading uniform, my dresser and a bunch of my books were outside in the trash. I really meant to say I didn’t feel like packing at the moment and I wanted to wait until the last minute. Those cds are crap but I grabbed my cheerleading uniform. When I’m 40 I’ll be wearing it on halloween or for my husband. But I’m definitely not taking this bed. I’ve slept on this awful spring mattress for over ten years it needs to retire. There were also some old birthday cards I retrieved from the curb. “To Twink…I love you,  Jonathan”. So sweet. Had to keep that. The last thing I recovered was a Master lock I’ve had since 9th grade. I remember the first day of Ms. Sutera’s gym class. She told us we needed a blue and white short set and a Master lock for the lockers in the girls locker room. For fours years I counted on this lock during numerous gym class periods. It was holding me down during late cheerleading practices, volleyball victories and upsets and even throughout the day I’d escape to my locker daily. I’d turn to the right “0” twice to the left “6” and again to the right “0”, trying to remember what books I might need for my next few classes. It had a brief revival in college during the womens volleyball season, now I know it will serve as great security at Bally’s when I go work out. Maybe I’ll even use it at work if Gary starts talking wreckless. Pop him in the mouth one good time. Now that’s what I call job security!



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