“There is a vague line between being patient and impatiently waiting.” –Toni Burke

When you spend hours upon hours stuck in a place that serves no obvious purpose to your existence, it is easy to get frustrated and anxious for the happenings of tomorrow. We begin with the itching and scratching, way too eager for things to take flight. We allow ourselves to feel miserable and even a little crazy in the process. All the while forgetting that we are the ones responsible for creating the disposition of our situation…

This morning I woke up late, got dressed late, skipped breakfast, went to swipe my metro card but it was expired, went by the machine to get a new one but I realized I left my debit card home. So, I had to run back to the house then return to the station…another 10 minutes flew pass. Finally, I got a new card, but I missed my train…once again. Pissed and aggravated, I sat on the bench alone in the station. I immediately began to ‘itch and scratch’ for the next train to arrive. Dismal because I was super late for work, and the stupid conductor could not hold the freaking doors open for just another 5 seconds. So I sat there, impatiently waiting on the next train and thinking about where I can be if the train would arrive sooner.

But then an internal shift happened.

Suddenly inside said, “Loosen up Toni. There are no mistakes, so let go and enjoy what is right in front of you.” I laughed and laughed and laughed because I knew my inside spoke the truth. In retrospect, there was not any other option for me. There was not another connection and I was not about to jump in the tracks and walk through the tunnels (lol). This was not critical for me to put myself through ‘the itching and the scratching’. So I in and ex-haled, read some of my book, and enjoyed every single page of it. Next thing I knew…my train arrived…on time for me.

As I write these words, this quote comes to mind, “There is a vague line between being patient and impatiently waiting.” Today I’ve learned the choice will always be mine to make. This applies to every aspect of my life: career goals, love, finances, health, spirituality, or individuality. For example, I have so many ideas and dreams that at times I crave for my dreams to instantly “pop off” but it does not always happen that way. Why stress about the things I cannot change? Why not accept the unexpected and roll with the punches? Now I understand – just like the train- that things will happen in due time. No longer will I continue to ‘itch and scratch’ about the wait, instead I will enjoy every single moment of it. Nothing I do is a mistake, so if I keep my focus on the positive, the fulfillment of my dreams will arrive on time for me. So today I draw the line.

Lesson Learned: Concentrate on the journey rather than the destination.

Xo, Toni Bee



  1. 1 Peridot November 26, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    This is really nice Toni.

    As a good friend, I knew how crappy that morning was for you =(, so it is nice how you drew those words or should I say inspiration from that experience.

    can’t wait for the book!

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