All I can say is Thank You….better yet, Gracias.

Gracias…… graciously, grateful.

Grateful is not what some people know how to be, its so much more than manners, or meaningless gestures there of. I don’t even think my gratitude can be expressed with words, but if it could be it would simple translated into joy, happiness, elation….gracious elation.

What makes me most happy ?…..Life!
My time here is only temporary, so I plan to make more than the most of it….perhaps something to carry over with me.

But on the most serious of levels life shows up for real sometimes! As my father likes to call it “life on life’s terms”. Life is the greatest sparring partner; recently we got in the ring, and it was a test of brawns…stick and move, stick and move. Life got some good blows in, if I was a man this would have been the part when I “Man[ed] Up”, since I’m not lets say I Womaned Up. I’m grateful for every blow because now I know how to guard myself in the next fight. But like Dad says “life on life’s terms”, you ain’t supposed to know when it’s a sneak attack.

What else am I grateful for?…and really my gratitude has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, I suppose just as coincidence, but then again….

My family of course

I am also grateful for being in the last 3 weeks of college working tirelessly to complete my thesis….its groundbreaking work…really! I am grateful for the challenges I have faced and will face strength and agility are deep qualities.

I am grateful for being alive, breathing, thinking, feeling, knowing.

I am grateful for being educated…..and I don’t mean solely within the institution of higher learning, but that as a being I am educable…I catch on quick and my thoughts are deep….like straight through the ground, out the other side of the Earth and straight into ether. All of us here will can’t posses that.

I am grateful for being ME….none of us chose to be who we are, we just are. So no matter what your plight you should still be grateful. Fortunes are not always visible, even to the individual; the most valuable treasures are immaterial. Despite the obvious I am fortunate beyond measure and for that I am grateful.

Like arrested development says…..I am just everyday people.

Don’t sleep, everyday people do amazing things.

Graciously Yours,

Miss M



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