As the color scale changes to shades of gray,
I’m trying to adjust my hue so i stand out enough to be seen.

I struggle with myself to make something new, unheard of and life changing.
something like the music that inspires me.

But the more i try, the more i realize the music is only as good as i am
not financially but spiritually and mentally.

I hate going through the process of making beats honestly.
but its that moment, that climax in the process, usually when i
place the drums and get the first glimpse of what I’m headed towards.
sort of like an audio sonogram

Now i start thinking of who im going to send it to
How crazy it’s going to sound
and how they are going to react when they hear this amazing piece of music

i finish its
i email it
then i wait….
then i call

“yoooo whats good?”
“you get that joint i sent?”
“what did you think?”
“it was cool…”

What?! what the fuck was that? i just spent 4 hours building those 3 or 4 sequences of
crack and thats all i get? This is why you “Never Trust a Whore with your Child”- Pusha T

Those phone calls humble me and help me realize i need to get better
I need to be the best
And i will be the best
So that i never have those conversations again

Those moments reminds me why i do what i do. and why i love it so much

“Music breeds its own inspiration. You can only do it by doing it. You may not feel like it, but you push yourself. It’s a work process. Or just improvise. Something will come.” -Burt Bacharach

Hasan Insane



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