Shit. Why does everything have to take so long?

Damn. Why are people so cold?

Fuck. Why cant good shit happen already?

“The good finish last”
This is what i tell myself daily. Im not some hardbody that tries to son everybody i see but sometimes i feel like i have to be that way in order to get somewhere in life. People mistake my kindness for weakness. I mean damn, i’ve been cheated on by the same girl three times, all because i was kind enough to let her back in, and Music. I’ve been working for about 2 years now on a mixtape. One single fucking mixtape, completly on my own..no team no nothing. i feel like for the songs i put out that’s pretty good. I have been going through alot latley from my close friend commiting suicide to my father taking my mom to court for bullshit. I feel like god is putting me through all of this for inspiration.. All of my songs are inspiration to instruments..i like to call them “Dancing thoughts”. Without these dancing thoughts i wouldnt be able to coap with what life is offering me at this point in time.

Of poeple telling me what i should do.
Of bullshit rappers.
Of Lilwayne.
Of Myspace.
Of college.
Of myself.

Embezz Pierre



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