Where has inspiration gone? What happened to people loving what they pursued and did?

My mom always told me to follow my passion and I’m doing that. .I want to be able to inspie others to pursue their dreams and passion(s).
I call my inspiration my ‘red balloon’, because I was a kid and I used to have helium filled balloons, I’d let them go in the air with thoughts that they’d go wherever I wanted it to go, mars, jupiter, to see God in heaven, anywhere. .and why? because that was my dream, that’s where I wanted it to go.

So where’s your red balloon? Where did you let it float away to?
Because you know if you don’t follow your calling your time is shortened, you’re made for a position, so fill it. Bird’s go south in the winter because they are called to, boats last longer on the sea then on dock, think about it.

If you don’t believe me, replace all the bricks that structure your house with toilet paper and tell me what happens in about 2 days.



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