Ever since I was little I wanted to be the best in everything I did whether it was rockin kicks or collecting basketball cards. I always chilled wit guys that had a couple years on me so their next goal would be mine. For example, I wore a pair of size 7 1/2 foamposites when I really wore a 6. I needed them shits on my feet though. To me sometimes you have to go hard at somethin if you want.

I know a kid that stopped rappin because the money wasn’t comin in. WTF!? I really didn’t understand what he meant by that shit. I began to explain to him that some of the most biggest rewards come from working for free. The most successful people worked for free. I brought up stories like kevin liles and how he interned at def jam for 8 years.

I’m just sayin this, everyone should go hard at what they do whether its for 1500 a wk or for nothing. I’m a believer in the saying that all hard work pays off. I try that promote as much as I can because the shit is true. Any body that knows me knows I go hard at what I do, you can ask anyone from steve O to my moms they all know.

What I’m saying is this, niggas need to wake up and go in on everything they do. Hard work is respected.



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