Wow… what isn’t on my mind. I’m in my senior year of college with 3 more weeks left until I’m off this campus for good and begin student teaching in January in the city. Yet somehow I still have (literally) thousands of pages to read and dozens of papers, projects and lesson plans to write. Being overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’ve been constantly debating with myself what to do after college. I can either teach, or go to graduate school for journalism. Or I could do what my father wants me to do and teach in Europe since my family will be there until they are done spoiling themselves… but I’m tired of moving. I have never lived anywhere longer for 4 years at a time because mom is in the Air Force. So being from everywhere and nowhere simultaneously was an… interesting childhood to say the least. It has its benefits (traveling) and things I could have done without (limited lifelong friends) but I managed and it made me who I am today. Living in New York without my parents and brother is hard; they are my everything I miss them so much my heart aches, but I will see them soon enough and its always as if I had never left. Finally having some stabilization in my life I am really able to sit back and to cherish my friends and family. My family is my rock. My girls are my sunshine. And Mickey is my heart.

On the topic of friends… I just left a gospel concert on my campus and instead of the usual group of friends going, one stayed behind. I knew why, she was upset with me because I called her out on being selfish and rude to our friend. Instead of realizing her mistake and what she did, she decided to get mad at us and not come to a GOSPEL concert with us that we have went every semester since freshman year. It just made me realize how petty situations can put a stop to some real sisterhood. I value all of my friendships and feel that holding grudges creates negative energy in your life and who wants that? Apparently some do, but I know (and she does too) that when she is ready, we are all here with open arms and love to share. This situation just reminded me how life is a short and you should surround yourself with positivity and bliss and cherish every moment as if it is your last…

Now I’m off to rock out on Guitar Hero… maybe I’ll make it up to medium this time.




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