Listening to Biggie’s “What’s Beef?”  It makes me feel quiet. The slow beat. Biggie’s voice.

Knowing this song doesn’t touch my life in any real way, but like a grain of salt you can find something amazing in it.
My boy asks me a lot, “Sade how come you don’t dress up no more? You always in your sneakers and jeans, you look like your grinding.” I think about this. And I think about where I was in life when I was dressed that way last year. I wasn’t grinding, I wasn’t working on who I was, and figuring that out, I was bullshitting. I wasn’t in the diamond district every other day making things happen, and that feeling means more to me than shoes and bags, and fly shit. I look at what I’ve done in the last few months and I feel a sense of accomplishment. No one can touch that, and you cant take it away. And I realize more and more, how much I have to do, and how much I need to push myself. Ain’t shit gonna happen if I don’t make it happen. I get angry a lot, he says, yeah thats true, but its cuz I’m passionate about this shit. About being creative, and about building the life that I want to live. My passions and desires.
I’m a jewelry designer, jus a creative type. Something I always knew about myself. Even as a young girl I knew I wanted to work with my hands. And I look at my hands a lot today. And I look at the pieces I have made, and all I can say is DAMN, I made that with my own hands. There’s nothing like that feeling.
I think a lot about the people that I surround myself with, not to be confused with being surrounded, because its a very different thing to choose who you surround yourself with, and I realize how amazing we all are. We are the future, of our industry, of our city, of the whole fucking game, because we are the youth.
And I am not worried. I am not scared. I know how amazing it is to just do what you believe in and never stop. And I feel quiet.

I’m just a humble dame.


Ripe Jewelry



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