People always ask me what is it about ralph lauren that you like soo much?? I mean… What’s not to like, the man single handedly turned his clothing company into an american way of living. His shit is so fly, I’ve never cared about clothes so much until I started fucking with ralphy. This summer I had the chance to meet him for the 2nd time in my life. He came into the rugby store with my pops, shit was so crazy it changed my life. After my father introduced us for the 2nd time he pulled me to the side and asked me a few questions like “where should we put the next rugby store?”, “how do you like working here?”, and blah blah blah blah… I gave him honest answers and he respected that. He pulled my pops into our conversation and he told him that he had a “smart KID” lol. That shit made my fucking week!! The legend himself called me a smart kid when in the long run I’m dumb as shit!!! Fuck it! I’ll take the complement.

Anywho, My mission is to get my shit to ralph. Fuck going to labels, and music execs and all that shit man, I’m trying to take my music straight to ralphy. I do this music shit for the love I could careless about the fame and all the other perks the music bizz comes with. I want to incorperate ralphs vision in my music. I think its crack, you probably think that shit is lame. FACK ITTT… I’M GONE!!!! FITTTTTSKEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o yea, check me out…Ferris Lo <——???????


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