In all my 22yrs of living, I’ve come face to face with these strong forces that have disabled and crippled my progression throughout life. Fear, for its ability to disillusion and trick us into having irrational thoughts and feelings. Pain, for it’s power to destroy the future with the past. Greed, for it’s tendency to grant worth to frivolous material things. But the one that strikes the deepest and the hardest, is Pride. The Ego. That small voice inside that speaks only at high volumes in attempts to not be so small, and drown everything else out. Ego takes you out of yourself, out of everything you truly are and stand for, so that it can create a separate identity all its own. It challenges all the good and selfless aspects of the world. So many of us in this industry fall victim to our dreadful Egos. We assume the role of the “artist”, get defensive, and often discredit or disregard others, either because we’re afraid of the competition, or because we harbor pain that keeps us from appreciating anything beyond our own feelings . God has blessed us so that we can, in turn, be a blessing to others. Living not just for yourself and your own personal gain, sow good seeds to reap an abundant harvest. I try hard not to be overcome by my pride. I can acknowledge my worth and be grateful for my talent in my craft without giving birth to spite and jealousy. We’ve reached a point in time when our nation is embracing change with open, eager arms, so its time for us as artists, and creators, to start a movement to euthanize our Egos. Pull the plug on the dark side of us that only lives and breathes because we let it. So much valuable time has been wasted trying to validate our self expressions, and we’ve gone to outrageous lengths to be heard. The next time you open your mouth make sure its really you and not your Ego talkin. The sooner you give life to love, the sooner we all start living.



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