As I sit in my bed and reflect on the events of last night, I’m wondering if my reaction was warranted, or did I once again overreact? The lengths of my patience and temper are almost non-existent, especially when I’m operating on an empty stomach. Yesterday an assemblage of my cohorts embarked on a journey to Bowlmor Lanes, in Union Square. The experience was…interesting to say the least. I was warned by my oldest brother that this establishment was notorious for being elitist, if I can even call it that. He warned me that the  dresscode was strictly enforced, but I’m a female I never have an issue with those. Besides, last night wouldn’t have been the first occasion that I patronized this bowling alley.

I need you to visualize this.  Imagine a group of 11 twenty something Brooklyn bred individuals, mostly of tall, attractive men (the female ratio was sparse as usual). I walk off the elevator with a sweater dress and my first thought is FOOD! Firstly my patience was already thin when we waited 20 minutes for a booth to become available. Wait let me retract that. There was ONE booth available however, it was at the back of the dining area, near the kitchen. I was a tadbit upset they don’t require a certain number of people in a party in order to occupy a booth. Understand all I ate for the day was a cream cheese and jelly bagel and one gluten patty (hunger get what hunger want lol Ball Park hot dog commercial). Finally I see a booth open and we seat ourselves. Let me interject that this bowling has (well from what I saw) an entirely Caucasian staff (well except for the kitchen crew which are Latino), not to mention that White people are the majority of the customers. We sat for about 30 minutes and no one as much looked in our direction. In fact they were socializing by the bar the entire time we sat and twiddled our thumbs (the audacity)! I didn’t want to say anything because my brother says I have anger issues and have belligerent ways. But his patience is even thinner than mine and he quickly said “Let’s go!” I felt bad because it was HIS day and he shouldn’t be upset on HIS day. Of course I asked for the manager who was of course apologetic. He offered us two free pitchers of beer and gave us the first available lane (thank you btw, I hope no one spit in our food). We ordered two jumbo plates of buffalo wings and french fries. I want to say the service was expeditious after I complained but I would be lying, not to mention they messed up our order.

So in my head, because for me everything is racially charged, I’m wondering if we were Caucasian would our experience have been any less unpleasant? Maybe they were low on staff. But in comparison to our Caucasian counterparts, their service was almost doting. This isn’t the first time I’ve had an unpleasant experience. I can recall occasions when I’ve gone to Coffee Shop and Cafeteria and felt like my business wasn’t wanted. I’ve had people that entered the establishment after me, seated BEFORE me. Is my money not green? I’m an avid tipper, so even if I do receive poor service I still tip well to prove a point. I mean we’re Black but is our money not green? Maybe it isn’t a race issue. Maybe it is a class issue. Maybe at first glance they assume we won’t spend a sizeable amount of bread…but if the service is poor why would we?

All in all it was a good night, only because I was surrounded by family and the boys are comedians! Oh I forgot HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE BEST BROTHERS A GIRL COULD ASK FOR! I love you Bert! But is it all in my mind? So here lies the question…racist or elitist?



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