I wasn’t always this way.

I sacrificed everything I knew to be happy. Even my own family. College, jobs, friends….everything. I knew what needed to be done. Leaving Alabama was only apart of the plan, I just did it a little

I was homeless for a good part of the summer and that was hard.. How could a guy who had everything like me not have a place to rest his head?
– I hope my mother never cried…she raised a man. My dad knew that he raised an Eagle Scout…but still…their MOS(my only son) was a little lost.

My true friends emerged into my life this year, and that I am thankful to God. They understand.

Paloma and Valerie protected me. It could’ve been a lot worse. But they protected me from myself, my own worst enemy. I love them. Everyone grew up and we found ourselves.

B. Howard showed me its ok to have superpowers. He is my friend although I wish I knew when his album was gonna be done. Finding the “write” words isn’t hard for him as he gets to form the progression. 200 million won’t be tough as long as he doesn’t pull a dipoff.

Siham and Iman are ready now, the market will not be ready for Sweet Rush, and its been a long journey. I’m taking all bullets for them.

Paola is 25 today. She is a strong woman. She takes care of her mother, who is just as stubborn as she is. She is a genius that will florish this year. She has been there for me. Paypal does wonders when the 405 is longer than the gas that’s in your tank. Thank you.

Meg and Komie are finally growing up too. I’m glad they took my advice. It will be amazing to have them apart of Operator. I know they will build my team into something amazing.

The Kennedy family has supported me. Terry and I had to part ways earlier this year, and that broke my heart. Losing your best friend is hard. And he didn’t die, but it felt like I did. It disappointed a lot
of people, but I knew that in time we would figure it out. No one understands how much pressure he is under. And through everything, the shootings, jail, no mom or dad, he still continues to smile that big smile. I hope he finds a real woman that won’t take advantage of his kindness. He’s way smarter than you think. He’s a Gemini, don’t fuck with him.

This week the Savior of the Music Industry and I worked for 2 days straight. We met with all the heavy hitters in LA to let them know they should clear the way. Mickey found his place in LA and GFCny will never be the same. I just hope that Fight Night uses Today is Tomorrow…because tomorrow is right around the corner. Between Natalia, Mickey, and Janelle….the music industry has found its new leaders. And they know how to kill the game all on their own.

I want everyone who doesn’t know, who has forgotten, or thinks otherwise….

My name is Chad Jonathan Wilson. I’m an Aquarius and I am the most loyal person you will ever meet. And if you cross me, you will never find anyone like me ever again.

If you have a dial tone now, appreciate it, because you don’t want a busy signal.

– Operator



  1. 1 Khryss December 17, 2008 at 7:09 pm

    I love your mind design.

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