Im here laying on the couch having a conversation with my daughter.. She a lil woman (shes about to turn 5) and she makes me laught with the things she say.. For example for halloween she was a geenie n I kept asking her for three wishes n she told me “daddy im not a real genni I can’t give u wishes” it was the cutest thing to me. I guess u had to be there..

Besides that I sit back and think about my life and where im at… And how fast things can change in someones life. I want it all money cars huge houses a big family.. Sounds like a dream but I know I can do it.. If I believe in me.. Period.. I see people around me doing the same thing over and over. And for the rest of their life they will continue to do the same . and tha REALLY scares me. Having a 9 to 5 making an avarage yearly salary to support their family. Im scared that one day ill conform and just be a avarage joe.. That’s scarier then dying, cancer, or even not being able to have sex ever again (fyi: safe sex is the best sex) dont get me wrong theres nothing wrong with living that life .. But for me it just doesn’t cut it.. I need more and more.. No its not greed in me its the not being avarage in me. The “I want to live like the rich folk”.. Thanks PLIES for that song..

I got a few ideas under my sleeve.. Like im writing a movie script.. Im super excited about that. And a few other things.. But anyways any one with the mind state as me holla at me. Im ready to grind… Time is ticking…

A wise person once told me “be grateful for what you do have. And don’t dwell on what you don’t have” I hear you but I want more…




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