My pillow has been cold for the last two months. My mind has been has been a circus of thoughts. I’m on the verge of making one of the biggest descsions in my life………………… The word VERGE is that a word??? One thing I do know is that it was one of the many nicknames to my close friend V. Tho many called her VER-DERY I called her Verge.. Miss her so much. We were following dreams and reaching goals together. She premiered in two of my videos. That was one of her dreams. And I’m happy I made it come true before she left. Meeting her for the first time 2 years ago- member it like it was yesterday.

She was only 15 but had the mind of an adult. So ambitious and ready to learn and explore. I pitty all the losers that took advantage of her heart. It will grow strong again. And it even hurts more that she was apart of cold pillow and it was her last moments. So ahead of her time. The last text she wrote verbatim was “I’m recovering not out the clear yet I suppose” and that was it. I feel like I have become more selfish. As a person and its scary. I hvent talked to a family member in like forever. I see my girlfriend once a week. People I thought I trusted came to light as pigs. A sense of urgency for the dark light inside me has awoke. I’m am alive more than ever. I’m up 19 hours a day. Spend a lot of it with close friends. The dope thing is that I meet the most dopest, respectable, most down to earth people by making music. The music I make has created my reality. I have become my self and its scary. Many people will never become their true self in this lifetime. That’s scary. I don’t watch tv. I try to watch it with my love and it eeks my soul. I hate tv and wats on it. And she’s down with things I’m nessecrily not into. I hope she understands. I don’t want to lose her. She keeps me sane. She keeps me together. But if we are spending less and less time together- things go wrong.

One thing I admire is how close I am to being TV. My good fried Michael just got signed with Rick Rubin. I’m gonna leave that blank. You guys will hear some shit soon.

But I should say becoming myself has made me a more conscious person. I think 24/7 about my affairs in life. I can’t even enjoy wat this bullshit world has to offer.

Smh smh I’m Ultraviolet

If you are reading this call me
Or if u see me in the street stop me and say
Hey Mr. London I love you
And I will reply I ………………………………..

Theophilus London



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