So, here I am in the lab doing what I do.

Grind, always grinding. Right now Listening to MicKey Factz, flying ballons. Steve-O u tricky bastard u knew I would drop a plug if I wrote it now. Well there u have it. But other then that I have mad shit on my plate. Planning out the next moves for Sweet Cheeba. Getting ready to do Cargo in January, finalizing all the sweet niblets. Making sure everything is on the up and up. On the verge of breaking to the next level. Its time to pull a Barry Bonds. Not the steroids part but knowing that you’re about to step to the plate and smack shit out the park. But overall i’m rethinking what the next move is. I have so many offers going on. I’m feeling like I could use the dough but do I sacrifice part of myself for some scrilla since im so anti The Man. But i must admit he cuts great checks and thats how they getcha. Being in NY man. Its such a blessing to even have so many choices. A blessing and a curse. I think I might slow my roll on the going out tip. But how I do love some free shit. But right now im just kind of overexposed.

At the stage where everyone thinks they know you because they always see you. It has always bugged me out. People just walking up to me and shit. Im with it though. On my Mayor shit, kissing hands and shaking babies. But still there is a fine line between being noticed and Holy Shit what just happened there. But whatever, thats what happens. On the side note its fucking brick. Whoever invented hot chocolate is the fucking man.

Sweet Cheeba



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